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BBH Infomediary® offers a number of exclusive modular applications layered atop the messaging and connectivity engine, including InfoAction®, a hosted, multi-provider automation solution for the entire corporate actions event lifecycle.

Highlights of InfoAction include:

  • Integrated SWIFT and full straight-through processing
  • Automated scrubbing of event details
  • Calendar driven workflow
  • Single point of event response
  • Hosted solution live in just two weeks

InfoAction is designed to simplify the most challenging corporate actions processes. This includes data collection, data storage and communication across multiple service providers, management of disparate data and non-standard formats, as well as responding to a compressed response cycle and navigating critical deadlines for any given event.

InfoAction provides a platform for comprehensive client-defined event management, including automated:

  • Event notice aggregation and electronic storage
  • “Noise reduction” through active data filtering options
  • Consolidation of multi-provider data into a single “golden copy” prime notice
  • Online workflow tools for daily event management
  • Online search capability, reporting and export utility
  • Centralized multi-provider response distribution capabilities