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Andrew P. Hofer Managing Director, Head of Taxable Portfolio Management, Investment Management

Mr. Hofer is the Head of Taxable Portfolio Management and a portfolio manager for BBH Investment Management. He joined BBH in 1988 and spent his first 10 years as a generalist banker and then a financial institutions specialist. He transferred to BBH Investment Management in 1998 as the Head of Insurance Asset Management, and from 2003-2006 was BBH Investment Management’s Chief Operating Officer and Head of Risk Management. Mr. Hofer holds an undergraduate degree in East Asian Studies from Yale University and an MIA from Columbia University.

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An Inverted Yield Curve: What Does It All Mean? April 2019

An inverted yield curve preceded every recession since 1970. When on March 22 the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds fell below that on the 3-month variety for the first time since 2007, concerns about a U. S. economic downturn raised to new levels.