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What Is the Future of User Experience?

September 22, 2017 |

When it comes to user experience, emerging technology is an accelerant, but the value of human interaction remains.


What’s driving user experience (UX) changes and where do you see UX going in the future?

I think it's right in front of us, the changes that need to happen. In our day to day lives, the way in which we communicate, the way in which we receive information, absorb that information and actually act on that information has completely changed and revolutionized in the last five to ten years. Our mobile devices are so integral to the way in which we take action and actually make decisions, and that needs to permeate across into the corporate environment. But to do that, we need to adopt a culture of innovation and embrace it fully and break down any barriers within the organization for cross-collaboration and allow those ideas, those big ideas, to ferment and take small steps towards them.

What do customers expect from their financial services providers and how does this impact UX?

Customers expect simplicity and relevant information. They want that information to be accurate, timely, and they want it to have insights most importantly. When we think about the new technologies that our coming about, AI, robotics, all of that new technology, yes, is about process digitization, but also the net benefit and the net impact of it is more accurate information and actually that information being more readily available as well. So, the benefit for our user experience is clients get their information quickly, they can act on it, it's more informative, it's more intelligent as well. So, they can only be a benefit.