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Olivia Nakimera


Department: Controllers

Tenure: BBHer since 2005

Location: United States

Quote: “BBH offers me more than just a job.  By taking on challenging work, participating in networks and volunteering, I am able to integrate all the things that are important to me. “

What I do: I am a Senior Financial Analyst on the Controllers team within our Investor Services business. My role requires me to stay informed of business trends and review financial data to help the business formulate financially sound strategies and communicate our approach. I love stories, puzzles, strategy and numbers, so it’s a great fit!

A Unique Culture: People at BBH care about each other.  The Firm is small enough to feel like a community, but large enough to provide unlimited growth opportunities. This size enables you to make a meaningful contribution and get to know your colleagues throughout the bank.  The same camaraderie and supportive relationship that we develop with clients, we share with each other. I recently reached my tenth year at BBH and was featured in the Firm’s employee anniversary announcement. People were congratulating me in the elevator and when I got to my desk, I had an influx of congratulatory emails from colleagues!  People here take the time to show you how much you’re appreciated.

Career Growth:  I started at BBH as a Senior Client Service Representative, doing both Custody and Fund Accounting. Though I loved being the first line of contact for our clients, I realized that I wanted to use more of my financial analysis/modeling skill set. BBH helped me transfer to the Controllers team and enroll in a Masters in Finance program. Navigating this new role was certainly challenging, however my team was always helpful and patient. My supervisor encouraged me to take advantage of career development opportunities such as the mentoring program, Women’s Network, and most recently the Partnership Associate Program for Leadership Development. As I acquired new skills and applied them, I got more responsibility and more chances to make a positive impact. I believe anything worth doing is worth doing well and the Firm is committed to recognizing that type of commitment. Throughout my career here, my managers and mentors have  always listened when I expressed areas of interest and helped me get to the next stage of my career. 

Contributing Beyond Your Role: Our affinity networks, social clubs and volunteer programs have made it easy for me to bring my whole self to work. The programs encourage you to express yourselves  and  learn from colleagues, inspiring each of us to do better in our professional and personal lives.   The opportunities to get involved are unlimited and I am currently on committees in both the Women’s Network and the Black Affinity Network.  Recently these two networks collaborated on sponsoring “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” discussion series.  It was rewarding to see  an event I helped create enable colleagues  to share their insights  and discover new ideas to incorporate into their work style. My involvement in our BBHcares volunteer program has also provided me the opportunity to share my knowledge with others. I’ve done mock interviews for college students, helped high school seniors prepare for college, and given youth tips on how to be entrepreneurs.  To be able to do this through work is very fulfilling.