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Black Affinity Network

“I am proud to be part of an organization that celebrates diversity and doesn’t ask people to conform in order to belong. BBHers are naturally curious and look to broaden their knowledge by collaborating with those who have different skill sets, perspectives and backgrounds than their own.”

- Donavan Brown, Black Affinity Network Global Co-Chair

The Black Affinity Network celebrates African-American, Caribbean/West Indian, and African ancestry through informational events, awareness-raising activities, and philanthropic initiatives. By fostering the personal and professional growth of our members, we aim to make BBH an employer of choice for diverse talent. We strengthen the leadership pipeline for people of multicultural descent by supporting employee development and educational opportunities, promoting the benefits of an inclusive culture, and helping members build meaningful relationships at every level of the organization.

Signature Events

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Focusing on the Next Generation

As one part of their community programming, the Black Affinity Network has partnered with Generating Genius, a London-based organization that works to ensure that talented and capable students from disadvantaged backgrounds are positioned to excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers. Through this programme, local high school students have the opportunity to visit our London office for networking and career panel discussions with finance professionals, and can learn more about the annual internship partnership with BBH.

Jazz & the Civil Rights Movement

Jazz & the Civil Rights Movement

The Black Affinity Network organized a presentation on the historical importance of jazz music, led by former radio personality Bill Daughtry. Hosted from our New York office, the session shared key moments in U.S. history where jazz artists highlighted struggles of the civil rights movement through their music and used their influence to drive change.

Black Histories, Black Futures at the MFA

Black Histories, Black Futures at the MFA

BBH’s Black Affinity Network members and friends visited the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for a private viewing of an exhibit, curated by local teens, that presented Black experiences through works by 20th century artist of color. BBHers were able to join a discussion with the teens on their selection of works and process of designing of the gallery spaces for this exhibit.


Annual Poetry Reading

Black Affinity Network members gathered for their annual poetry reading during Black History Month to celebrate literary works and poems that honor ground-breakers and courageous innovators who have changed the world.


60 Minutes Series

The ”60 Minutes Series” is a regular event designed to provide employees with greater knowledge of different departments throughout the firm. Attendees hear about a “day in the life” of various colleagues.  Most recently they heard from colleagues in Foreign Exchange Systems and Change Management.