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Black Affinity Network

“Being part of the Black Affinity Network helped me recognize the value of networking to advance my career. Growing my network led me to a new role within Business Technology Solutions and I couldn’t be happier.”

– Sam Araújo, Black Affinity Network Co-Chair

The Black Affinity Network celebrates African-American, Caribbean/West Indian, and African ancestry through informational events, awareness-raising activities, and philanthropic initiatives. By fostering the personal and professional growth of our members, we aim to make BBH an employer of choice for diverse talent. We strengthen the leadership pipeline for people of multicultural descent by supporting employee development and educational opportunities, promoting the benefits of an inclusive culture, and helping members build meaningful relationships at every level of the organization.

Signature Events


Annual Poetry Reading

Black Affinity Network members gathered for their annual poetry reading during Black History Month to celebrate literary works and poems that honor ground-breakers and courageous innovators who have changed the world.


Professional Development Day with Breakthrough Greater Boston

Throughout the year, Black Affinity Network volunteers host groups of students from organizations like Breakthrough Greater Boston to teach financial literacy using a BBH-created curriculum. BBHers share personal experiences and practical information on goal setting, budgeting, saving, investing and credit.  Sessions are tailored to groups of students, who leave BBH with a better understanding of the importance of building credit and how to manage their money.


60 Minutes Series

The ”60 Minutes Series” is a regular event designed to provide employees with greater knowledge of different departments throughout the firm. Attendees hear about a “day in the life” of various colleagues.  Most recently they heard from colleagues in Foreign Exchange Systems and Change Management.