Celebrating 200 Years

“BBH has seen a lot of change, and even caused some, in our 200 year history. But what has remained constant throughout is our collective ability to recognize the need for change, embrace it, evolve our capabilities and find new avenues to serve clients in ways they appreciate. We’ve done this while remaining true to our core values – strive for excellence in everything we do; support a collegial, inclusive, team-oriented culture: and never compromise on our integrity." - Bill Tyree, Managing Partner

BBH is at once excited and humbled to recognize our bicentennial in 2018. This is not just an organizational milestone, but more importantly, a celebration of our employees and clients who have made BBH the special place it is today. We are proud of the trust that has been given to us by private individuals, companies and institutions for 200 years. Through a culture of continuous reinvention, BBH has evolved from our origins as a commodities merchant to become a trade financier, wealth planner, investment advisor, global securities custodian and administrator and technology provider.

It has always been our mission to be the most trusted, valued and differentiated partner for every client we serve. Throughout our history, we have remained specialized and selective by design, providing our clients with tailored solutions that solve their complex needs. This strategy has worked for us for 200 years, and we will continue to apply it, as best we can, into the future.  

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