Celebrating 200 Years

BBH is excited and humbled to recognize our Bicentennial in 2018. This is not just an organizational milestone, but more importantly, a celebration of our employees and clients who have made BBH the special place it is today. We are proud of the trust that has been given to us by private individuals, companies, and institutions for 200 years. Through a culture of continuous reinvention, BBH has evolved from our origins as a commodities merchant to become a trade financier, wealth and investment advisor, global securities custodian and administrator and technology provider.

Looking Ahead

The pace of change in banking and financial services is accelerating, and with it the development and application of new products, processes, and technologies that will no doubt reshape the financial world. For all this change, what is likely to distinguish BBH in the years ahead is precisely what has distinguished us throughout the last 200.

From the beginning, BBH facilitated complex financial transactions across borders with the aid of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated risk management, all with the overriding goal of helping clients transform their businesses and preserve and grow their wealth. That is as true today as it always has been, as BBH continues to align its interests with those of our clients and build innovative solutions that solve their toughest challenges.

The partners and employees, all BBHers, couldn’t be more excited for our next century writing BBH’s next chapters alongside and with the help of our our employees, clients, business partners and friends.