Next Gen Spotlight: Jill Koziol of Motherly

June 26, 2023
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In our Summer Next Gen Spotlight, Senior Relationship Associate Hailey Hoyos sits down with Jill Koziol, co-founder and CEO of Motherly, to discuss why she started the platform, how she navigates growth, and where she sees the company and herself in the next five years.

Jill Koziol is the co-founder and CEO of Motherly, a well-being destination that empowers mothers to thrive. The platform, which engages more than 40 million readers and viewers a month, provides expert content, innovative product solutions, and a supportive community.

Senior Relationship Associate Hailey Hoyos recently sat down with Jill Koziol, co-founder and CEO of Motherly, to discuss why she started the platform, how she navigates growth, and where she sees the company and herself in the next five years.

Tell us about Motherly and your inspiration for creating the platform.

I co-founded Motherly eight years ago simply because it didn’t exist, and women were being significantly underserved by the parenting resources that were available to them. The idea was born from a call with my now co-founder, Liz Tenety, an award-winning journalist and editor. She called to discuss the seedling of an idea she had for a platform that would speak to today’s modern mothers.

We quickly decided to build a next-generation brand that would redefine motherhood for the modern woman that differentiated as woman-centered, expert-driven, and empowering.

I saw the white space immediately, recognizing that millennial women are so incredibly different from previous generations. For the first time, they are digital natives, more educated than men, and raising the most diverse generation in history. This makes today’s mother very multidimensional, and we created Motherly to empower her to thrive as a woman and a mother – because when mothers thrive, families and communities thrive.

How important were mentors to you as you created and grew Motherly?

I learn from and lean on so many amazing people in my network. In the early days, I was mentored by my father, a small business entrepreneur, and people I’d worked with previously who believed in my ability to lead. As Motherly has grown, I’ve been mentored by my investors, board, and advisors. I also count my co-founder, husband, friends, and executive team as critical to guiding me as I’ve grown the company. Teamwork truly does make the dream work.

On the personal family side, I believe it is critical to have other mothers in my life with children the same age, or a bit older, who can truly empathize with me along the journey as we navigate different milestones.

You’ve curated an amazing network of professionals that support Motherly. What advice do you have for young professionals looking to build a robust network?

I’d advise women to think big and that not doing so means they are holding themselves back – don’t be afraid to ask for help, mentorship, and advice. Today’s female leaders are looking to lift up other women – we recognize the responsibility we play in growing the bench. So take the plunge and ask!

I’d also offer to value quality over quantity. Having a large network isn’t more valuable than having a strong network – when you go to an event, take time to truly connect with a few people vs. trying to collect the most business cards.

Motherly was named one of Inc. 5000's fastest-growing companies. How have you navigated such rapid growth?

Entrepreneurship, especially venture-backed entrepreneurship, is a roller coaster. Over the years, I’ve navigated it, including during a pandemic, by not letting myself get rattled by the highs or the lows. I’ve come to see that they are but a moment in time and that staying focused on the mission and our audience is the only path to success. I’ve also counted on my co-founder, my executive team, those in my YPO forum, my husband, and mediation to help me navigate it all.

How have you redefined what it means to be “motherly”?

Motherhood is a lifestyle-redefining shift that affects the vast majority of women. We are redefining what it means to be “motherly” by empowering mothers to thrive – showing them that motherhood can be an opportunity to nurture, not lose, their true sense of self. We do that by taking motherhood seriously, advocating for moms, and offering resources to help women live their best lives as mothers and women.

What advice do you have for new parents navigating and creating balance in both their professional and personal lives?

Be gentle with yourself. New parenthood is life- and identity-shifting. You won’t be the same person when you get to the other side, but that’s OK. Give yourself grace and time to navigate it, and you’ll find amazing superpowers that have the potential to supercharge your career.

What does the next five years look like for you and Motherly?

In the next five years, Motherly will be a generation-defining brand – we will be the leading destination guiding mothers along the journey of motherhood. You’ll see more tools, services, and products from us in the coming years as we double down on our audience and begin to grow with millennial parents as they navigate the teenage years and meet Gen Z as they become parents.

On my end, I’ll be here, serving Motherly and our audience, amplifying their voices as we increasingly advocate for the structural changes we need in our country to value caregiving and make motherhood sustainable for all.

Jill, thank you for your time and insights.

Interview conducted and article written by Hailey Hoyos.

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