22 Women to Watch in 2022

May 09, 2022
We feature 22 women and share how 2022 is set to be a pivotal year in their professional journeys.

Since the launch of the Center for Women & Wealth in 2015, we have met and been inspired by many powerful women who are pioneers in their respective fields. Through their work, they are challenging the status quo, reshaping industries and changing the way we live our lives.

Here, we showcase these inspiring women and share how 2022 is set to be a pivotal year in their professional journeys.

Debbie Bing
President and Principal, CFAR

As president and principal of CFAR, Bing serves as a firm and business development leader, idea generator and senior consultant. She is passionate about helping families with shared economic interests make decisions and implement change while managing the multiple pressures of mission, performance, culture, competencies and competition. Bing also loves working with leaders of closely held and entrepreneurial businesses to build organizations that advance their goals.

What sorts of challenges do your clients come to you with? How do you help them work through those?

Leaders come to CFAR when they feel stuck finding their best path forward through high-stakes challenges. Who hasn’t experienced the feeling that there is too much distance between the current state and what’s fully possible or desirable for their enterprise? Their dilemmas can be around known transitions, like succession and next generation development, or more subtle and interconnected ones, like dissatisfaction with strategy and governance. Clients need thoughtful, collaboratively designed options, applying head, heart and all available resources.

We invest time to understand the connective tissue tying these challenges together. We help clients locate and amplify the will and the skill to discover new ways to think about sustained financial success and family harmony. We take a developmental, whole systems approach, combining hard and soft methods, to achieve the open-mindedness necessary to create positive forward momentum. Our goal is to help clients build new muscle to work out new ways of interacting, being accountable and getting things done across their enterprise.

Victoria Cerami
CEO, Cerami & Associates

Under Cerami’s leadership, her premier acoustical and technology engineering firm has grown to be the largest woman-owned company working on building design projects globally. She is passionate about the firm’s role in public outreach, with a focus on mentorship and sponsorship of women. This year, following the sale of her business, Cerami will work to grow the company with a new financial partner and infusion of capital.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Live your life in service of others. Relationships are what truly matters in life – success will follow.

I’m proud to have built the largest women-led acoustic design and technology consulting firm in the world, but I never forget that I didn’t get here alone. My mentor was the executive vice chairperson for a $1 billion firm, and he took the time to teach me the bread and butter of business. He became a steward of the firm’s culture because people saw how he treated others, and they paid that forward. He was an amazing man who changed my life and perspective.

Be sure to keep an eye out for those “angels” that will come into your professional and personal life. Their guidance will help you find the path of achieving your best self. Don’t passively follow the leader, but rather emulate those who you respect and admire.

So, write thank you notes. Tell people they matter. And most importantly, pay forward all the gifts that you were given.

Aundrea Cline-Thomas
Reporter, WCBS/CBS New York

Cline-Thomas is a multiple Emmy award-winning journalist who is passionate about telling creative, engaging and memorable stories across multiple platforms. This year, she will continue to immerse herself in the community and forge genuine relationships to deliver stories on topics of particular interest to her, including women in the workforce, entrepreneurship, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, along with centering the voices of marginalized communities.

What is the most energizing aspect of your work today?

In a time when people are so divided, I have a front row seat to our common humanity. I’m energized by the ability to provide more people who have normally been left out or denied access to the conversation a voice to add to the narrative. My hope is in a world where it seems like everyone is shouting, people will stop, listen and realize in many ways we are more alike than we’re willing to acknowledge.

Nancy Goldenberg
President and CEO, Laurel Hill Cemetery and West Laurel Hill Cemetery and Funeral Home

As president and CEO of Laurel Hill Cemetery, Goldenberg seeks to create memorable experiences in new, gratifying ways among the diverse collection of art, history and horticulture in the company’s cemeteries. This year, she will continue to lead a team of caring professionals and insightful civic leaders who have positioned Laurel Hill as a model organization in an industry that continues to evolve.

What skills are you cultivating or exploring in 2022?  

As some of the largest properties in urban areas, cemeteries are making a comeback, playing a greater role in supporting physical and mental health. Like so many cemeteries around the country, Laurel Hill experienced a record number of visitors over the past two years – partly driven by COVID-19 – as people discovered our safe and beautiful 265 acres.

We are among the handful of cemeteries nationally renowned for producing one-of-a-kind memorable, place-based experiences that people crave. As a repository of literally thousands of stories of buried souls, remarkable outdoor sculpture and an extraordinary history within a garden landscape, we have the capacity to tell unique narratives visitors find interesting and relevant. To that end, this year we are looking to improve our infrastructure and hone our hospitality services. We are working to become more operationally resilient by investing in technology and training. We’re also planning to launch a new brand and more creatively package and market our offerings to continue building new audiences who will engage with and trust us and remain loyal users.

Melissa James
Founder, The Tech Connection

James is an award-winning diversity expert, proven thought leader and businesswoman dedicated to increasing diversity in the technology industry. Her strategies help candidates think more strategically about their careers and land positions that will accelerate their development. Through her work at The Tech Connection, the premier marketplace for purpose-driven, diverse, technical talent, James will continue to carry out her mission of helping people reach their highest potential by accelerating their individual pathway to success.  

How did you end up on the career path you are today?  

This is a long story! In short, I chose the career path that I am on because I have a strong belief that we can all do better than we did yesterday. We all have the ability to demonstrate what I call the new GPA: grit, perseverance and ambition. I believe that the work we do in our jobs should be a reflection of our core values. I strive to not only keep my core values top of mind, but also to take consistent action toward demonstrating them every day. I hope the people around me see this as well. My grandmother migrated to this country as a nanny for a wealthy family. It was her grit, perseverance and ambition that made me the woman I am today. One job can change not only your life but future generations to come. My life’s work is to honor her sacrifice.

Meghan Juday
Chairman, IDEAL Industries

The fourth-generation leader and director of IDEAL Industries, Juday is an enthusiastic champion for family business. She has developed a deep knowledge of the issues, challenges, opportunities and benefits of family businesses. This year, she has her eyes set on some of the biggest trends in the boardroom, particularly when it comes to building a community and culture of belonging.

How have the dynamics of family businesses changed over time?

I see a lot of changing trends in family business. Some of the most significant focus is on diversity, including having women leaders in the family, board and management. There are also some promising trends that daughters are entering the family business as well as sons, and both are seen as potential successors. Family businesses are picking up on the need to have outside perspectives by bringing in an outside CEO or forming a board with a majority of outside directors. The independence and unique perspectives can bring a business to new heights. As the family moves out of the corner office, the family directors have heightened importance in the boardroom. Family directors increasingly have a meaningful role in setting strategy and ensuring the business culture continues to align with the family values. Boards have the responsibility to be fiduciaries and must be strategic partners to help businesses navigate extremely complex dynamics in the family, business and external marketplace.

Natalia Karayaneva
Founder and CEO, Propy

As CEO and founder of Propy, on a mission to revolutionize the residential real estate sales process, Karayaneva has developed a proprietary technology to remove inefficiencies, streamline the process from initial offer to title and home ownership transfer and to record everything securely on blockchain. Propy is the first blockchain startup to develop a legal framework for and transfer real ownership of property through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). To date, Karayaneva oversaw more than $4 billion in total volume of real estate transactions processed and recorded on the blockchain via Propy platform, which enables home buyers and sellers to use traditional financing, cryptocurrency and NFTs.

What advice would you give your younger self?  

Be patient. It might take some time waiting for the rest of the world to catch up to your ideas. They will get there – just not as quickly as you hope!

Wen-Wen Lam
Partner, Gradient Ventures

Lam is a partner at Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund. She founded NexTravel (YCW15) in 2013 and grew the business to $100 million in annual sales before it was acquired by Travelperk in 2020. This year, Lam will leverage her extensive experience driving growth at startups to help other founders.  

What advice would you give your younger self?

Who you partner with is one of the most important things to both your personal happiness and your success in life. Whether it is your business partner, your investors or your life partner, they can enormously affect outcomes both positively and negatively. It can be the difference between being wildly successful and failure – so choose wisely.  

Enjoy the journey! There are always ups and downs, but some of my best memories of my company are from when we were having fun as a team building the company together.

Dr. Connie Lehman
Founder, Clairity, and Chief of Breast Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Lehman is a change agent, innovator and pioneer in the domain of artificial intelligence (AI) implementation in clinical medical practice. Through her work, she applies AI and advanced methods of deep learning to improve breast cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment, with a focus on delivering higher-quality health outcomes at lower costs for all patients at risk for and with cancer. Her philosophy embodies the notion that we improve the health of our community by delivering the highest-quality patient-centered care in a setting of active innovation and education.

What opportunity excites you most in the year to come?

I am excited about our ability to provide patients with information that will help them make better decisions to reduce their risk of breast cancer and to select the most effective, personalized screening program. In the past, medical images were focused on finding disease in the body – such as breast cancer on a mammogram. By using AI and computer vision, we can find signals embedded in the mammogram related to a woman’s risk of future breast cancer that are invisible to the human eye. With this knowledge, we can enable healthcare providers to personalize care plans, empower patients, better focus healthcare spend and deliver on the promise of precision medicine and value healthcare. It has been thrilling to experience the rapid growth of a powerful consortium of colleagues and friends engaged together in this journey.

Cathy Leonhardt
Managing Director and Co-Head of Global Consumer Retail Group, Solomon Partners

Regarded as an innovative thought leader with deep industry knowledge, Leonhardt is a trusted advisor to established and emerging retailing, consumer-branded and apparel companies. From visionary entrepreneurs to large public companies, she has advised a range of clients on important domestic and cross-border transactions throughout her 20-year career – something she will continue to focus on this year as the M&A market heats up for retail companies.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I’d tell myself to take more risks, be more assertive and have confidence in my ideas. Young professionals, particularly women, have a tendency to keep their heads down and are too timid to speak up. This is especially true in male-dominated industries. There’s value in absorbing information early in your career, and it’s natural for young professionals to be somewhat timid, but I’d encourage myself – and all young women – to trust your instincts and take risks. If a company has hired you, then they obviously see something great in you, so never forget that.  

I’d also emphasize how important it is to have a well-rounded life. Young professionals tend to dive into their work, and while it’s important to roll up your sleeves and work hard, it’s also important to remember that there’s more to life than work. The more well-rounded someone is, the better they’ll be at work, and this is something I wish I knew earlier in my career. Focusing on relationships with your family and friends and pursuing your passions and hobbies is important, so be sure to invest in yourself.

Kim Lew
President and CEO, Columbia Investment Management Company

As president and CEO of the Columbia Investment Management Company, Lew manages Columbia University’s endowment. In this role, she is responsible for the management of a $14 billion endowment whose income provides a perpetual source of support for university programs.

How have pandemic-related changes in how you work benefited you or your organization?

The pandemic was an amazing social experiment that accelerated the rate of adoption of alternate work arrangements. Many organizations were not willing to consider work-from-home options for their employees; however, faced with no other option, they went fully remote, and productivity continued. I think, as a result, hybrid work arrangements may now become the norm as companies look to retain their best talent and strive to become a workplace of choice. This change will be particularly beneficial for women, who remain the primary childcare providers. The desire for flexible work arrangements was often seen as a lack of commitment when women asked for this option. Now that it will be the standard and not an option, much more emphasis will be placed on the quality and quantity of work produced rather than the amount of face time. This will help to level the playing field for women. I think this will allow me and my organization to attract the very best talent. This change will be challenging for some leaders, but I think it will allow me to sharpen my communication and management skills.

Anne McCollum
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

As the first female leader of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), McCollum is committed to access and equity for all in the arts and in art education. She created the PAFA Fine Arts Venture Fund – a group of dedicated donors who support the costs of producing artwork or the artistic endeavors of PAFA’s students who apply to have their proposals juried by established artists – and is excited to continue creating pathways of entry for all into the art world this year.

What opportunity excites you in the year to come?

We’ve all learned so much during the pandemic and have made numerous pivots in our personal and professional lives. I am excited for our team at PAFA, America’s first art school and art museum, to build on those pivots and continue to incorporate those lessons into a new hybrid model of programming. For example, participation in PAFA’s online programming increased by 1,100% during the pandemic and secured a global audience – our garden hose became a firehose! Consistently utilizing the transformative power of art and art making to reinforce our core values of diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging creates pathways of entry for all into our very complex world.

Beth Monaghan
Founder and CEO, Inkhouse

Monaghan has grown Inkhouse into one of the top independent public relations agencies in the U.S. She’s been named a Top Woman in PR by PR News, a Top 25 Innovator by PRovoke and an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Inkhouse prides itself on having a workplace where people feel supported and inspired, and in 2022, Monaghan will continue to connect those in the community through a third book of employee essays.

What opportunity excites you in the year to come?

The workplace has never really worked well for people. It’s only worked well for profits. COVID-19 has given us an unexpected gift: the opportunity to change it. I’m a natural rule breaker, so this feels very exciting to me, and it’s aligned with our Inkhouse heritage. In 2014, we introduced unlimited vacation and banned email between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. This year, we’re in the midst of rolling out Flexible Fridays – every other Friday off. We’re also expanding parental leave to 20 weeks (for all genders) and offering paid time off for pregnancy loss. I don’t believe fulfillment, at work or in life, comes from grueling hours and sacrificing our mental health to become martyrs for our jobs. We do our best work when we feel inspired and supported. The opportunity to continue to figure this out for Inkhouse is a privilege.

Dr. Katherine Saunders
Co-Founder, Intellihealth

Dr. Saunders is helping to bring medical obesity treatment to the over 100 million Americans with obesity that do not receive care. Trained as one of the first obesity medicine fellows in the country, she has been at the forefront of obesity medicine and co-founded Intellihealth in 2019 to transform the treatment of the disease. This year, she is excited about Flyte Medical, the company’s affiliated clinical services organization offering compassionate and personalized medical treatment for obesity.

How did you end up on the career path you are today?

During my medical training, I learned that obesity was a complex disease – not a lifestyle problem – and I decided to devote my career to understanding this widely misunderstood chronic health condition that affects almost half the country. As the first obesity medicine fellow at Weill Cornell Medicine, I developed deep expertise in obesity treatment before joining the faculty of Weill Cornell’s Comprehensive Weight Control Center, where I practice compassionate, personalized and effective long-term obesity care. After multiple previous failures over the course of their lives, the success our patients’ experience is incredibly gratifying and truly life-changing. However, fewer than 2% of individuals with obesity currently receive medical treatment for their disease. In 2019, my husband, Sloan Saunders, and I teamed up with my mentor, Dr. Louis Aronne, to scale the medical model he pioneered by launching Intellihealth – a healthcare technology company democratizing access to best-in-class comprehensive obesity treatment.

Yesenia Scheker-Izquierdo
New York Office Managing Partner and New York Market Hub Leader, KPMG

Scheker-Izquierdo recently became the first woman and Latina to run KPMG’s New York office. In this role, she is responsible for developing and implementing the firm’s strategic direction in its largest market and oversees the delivery of high-quality client service, guides marketplace strategy and drives cross-functional quality growth. Scheker-Izquierdo is dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion, professional development, mentoring leaders, building professional networks and giving back to the community.

What is the most energizing aspect of your work today?

As someone who stepped into the role of managing partner for the KPMG New York City office roughly six months ago, one exciting and energizing aspect of my work is looking toward the future, imagining what improvements can be made and setting strategic goals to achieve. When I started, I really wanted to promote a fresh perspective to this position, with an emphasis on bringing new ideas to the table that would help grow our people, relationships and trust. KPMG as we know it today started right here in New York 125 years ago, so impacting established trends in company culture in a meaningful way at such a global institution can take a lot of planning and foresight. Right now, our primary goals are engaging our teams, serving clients and reinvigorating our culture in our hybrid work environment, and taking an active role in helping to revitalize New York and our communities.

Amy Spurling
Founder and CEO, Compt

Spurling is the founder of Compt, which helps companies build, streamline and scale employee perk stipends that delight teams and give companies a more productive and engaged workforce. This year, the company will be on the frontlines supporting employee well-being as the future of work continues to shift toward becoming more employee-focused.

What opportunity excites you in the year to come?

As I look into this next year, I’m excited to see more people being supported in a way that matters to them as individuals and not just expendable “work-bots.” When I started my career, there was very much a company attitude of “sit there and be happy you have a job,” but all of that has changed.
There is greater recognition that this is a mutual relationship and that both parties should be heard and able to succeed. Through this monumental shift, the future of work is becoming more employee-focused and less company-centric. Employees are more empowered and are requiring companies to support their whole lives, not just their work lives. Companies are recognizing that work and work environments can create employee burnout (and turnover). They’re also starting to understand we can accomplish so much more when we feel fully supported and valued. As more companies seek to support their employees in a personalized way, Compt is on the frontlines. Through our stipends, companies can support employee well-being in a way that matters to them individually. This change energizes me!

Stephanie Stuckey
CEO, Stuckey’s Corporation

Stuckey is the CEO of Stuckey’s Corporation, a roadside oasis for motorists since 1937. Founded by her grandfather, the company fell out of family hands for decades. She repurchased it in 2019 and is focused on rebuilding the classic, nostalgic brand.

Why did you decide to buy back your family business?

I decided to buy my family’s business because it was for sale. It was that simple. I had an offer to purchase it, and I consulted various financial and business experts, but ultimately went with my gut that this was what I wanted to do. Anyone who’s had a family business that fell out of their family hands and was trashed by the corporate owners can relate to how emotional I feel about the Stuckey’s comeback journey. It’s something I would have regretted – not only for myself, but my children and their children – if I didn’t try to revive our family’s legacy. And there’s been no looking back since I made the decision. I’m 100% in on making Stuckey’s a household name again.

Courtney Taira
President, King’s Hawaiian Retail

As president of King’s Hawaiian Retail, Taira is tasked with driving the vision, leading the strategy, overseeing marketing and spearheading new product innovation for the 72-year-old family business. This year, she will collaborate with her new leadership team to carry on the company’s “aloha spirit” and make progress toward achieving its vision.

What is the most energizing aspect of your work today?

The most energizing aspect of my work today is developing young kids and having a small impact on their career trajectory. I get so excited when a 16-year-old comes in to interview for his or her first time and gets hired. We have the incredible fortune, responsibility and opportunity to give these teenagers a leg up in life by training them on some basic work skills like accountability, cleanliness, teamwork and customer service – all transferrable skills that should be put on their college resumes. It’s incredible to watch them develop their social skills and friendships through their interactions with so many co-workers and guests. It gives me great pride and joy to know that we are doing our small part in helping the local kids in the community not only make some money, but also start developing their professional skills so they can move on to bigger and better things.

Unni Turrettini
Author, Speaker and Facilitator

Turrettini is a best-selling author, international speaker, connection expert and equity advocate who focuses on helping people find deeper connection and belonging. Her work is about transforming companies into communities and attractive places to work by cultivating a culture of belonging in order to retain and engage talent, reduce sick leave and increase productivity.

What opportunity excites you in the year to come?

After two years with a pandemic, companies are struggling to navigate skills shortage and the “great resignation.” There is an urgent need to update cultural initiatives to make companies more appealing places to work, actively working toward equity and individual wellness.

Loneliness affects two-thirds of U.S. adults, causes depression and anxiety in addition to the physical health implications and is costing the U.S. economy $406 billion in lost productivity per year. Given that we work 90,000 hours on average over our lifetime, we have an opportunity to make the workplace a source for connection.

I’m excited to help companies cultivate connection and belonging. Connection not only affects individual well-being and productivity, but by transforming our companies into well-functioning communities, we have an opportunity to change our culture and battle the fastest-growing epidemic on our planet.

Robina Verbeek
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, SOS

Verbeek and her co-founder built SOS after recognizing that women’s needs were being overlooked in the workplace. They have since created a smart vending machine that delivers products that not only address urgent situations, but also provide other just-in-time amenities, such as hair ties or deodorant. They hold seven design patents and continue to expand across a number of venues, changing the way people experience life on the go.

What inspired you to create SOS?

Our inspiration is rooted in an obsession over the lack of access and functional design (especially for women) in places where you work, play and travel. It started as a frustrating moment on a trading floor and has expanded to something so much bigger. We want to build a world where everybody is served and empowered by the space around them. I continue to be inspired by my co-founder and team as well as the leaders across corporate America who are working with us to change the way people experience life on the go. We have hilarious, humbling and sometimes harrowing discussions, but it’s all progress. We love a challenge – the naysayers drive us to think even more ambitiously!

Dr. Ellison Anne Williams
Founder and CEO, Enveil

Dr. Williams founded Enveil, a pioneering data security company, to protect sensitive data while it’s being used or processed – a form of data encryption. Leveraging her deep technical background and a passion for evangelizing the impact of disruptive technologies, Williams has helped define and advance the data-in-use security space and cultivated Enveil’s capabilities into category-defining solutions that enable secure search, analytics, sharing and collaboration.

What skills are you cultivating or exploring in 2022?

I want to continue to embrace a “people-first” mentality by prioritizing time to connect with all members of the company, from senior leadership to our newest hires. I think connection is critical to culture, and in order to maintain that connection as we scale, I have to be intentional about carving out time to make sure it happens.  

Melanie Wolff
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Brella

Wolff founded Brella, an on-demand, app-enabled childcare center, in 2019. The company, which aims to provide parents with a more flexible way to schedule childcare, recently closed a $5 million seed round that will allow it to open more facilities and improve its technology. 

How have pandemic-related changes in how you work benefited you or your organization?

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way parents work, reinforcing our belief in flexible models that can respond to the dynamic needs of families. We designed Brella to be an agile company that adapts to changing customer needs. To accomplish this, we have built systems and processes that support learning and change. The pandemic offered a great opportunity to test these as we faced continual changes in regulations, demand and workforce needs. While difficult, the pandemic provided an incredible moment to cement adaptability into our company’s DNA and operations.

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