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  • Extended Family Group Walking By Lake
    July 13, 2021
    • Private Banking
    BBH Partner Kathryn George and Senior Wealth Planner and Director of Philanthropic Advisory Kerri Mast discuss how to best approach engaging the next generation in family giving – and some strategies for when it doesn’t go as you expected.
  • Colorful hand reaching for other colorful hands with butterflies in the background
    June 02, 2021
    • Private Banking
    We examine the story of Madam C.J. Walker, America’s first female self-made millionaire and a Black woman, which offers some useful lessons for the intersection of business, personal values and philanthropy.
  • Person putting a coin into a donation box.
    January 25, 2021
    • Private Banking
    BBH Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast examines four reasons why people give to charity other than tax benefits – which research has shown are typically not the primary driver of charitable giving.
  • Gray fingerprint close-up
    December 02, 2020
    • Private Banking
    Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast looks at considerations for private business owners with private foundations.
  • Blue scale with White House and Capitol Building with black background
    October 26, 2020
    • Private Banking
    BBH Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast covers considerations during election season for charities and board members as it relates to which political and election-related activities are permitted for charities, which are permitted within certain limits and which are prohibited altogether.
  • Jeannie Infante Sager
    October 01, 2020
    • Private Banking
    In “Five Questions,” Jeannie Infante Sager, the director of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, discusses the importance of women’s giving, how women philanthropists have responded to COVID-19 and shifts she has seen in methods of giving during the pandemic.
  • Five  hands holding numbered hearts
    August 06, 2020
    • Private Banking
    Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast discusses the steps to take to establish a new charitable organization.
  • people wearing surgical masks
    July 15, 2020
    • Private Banking
    Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast discusses effective board governance during complex and uncertain times.
  • Headshot of Trina Kenke
    June 03, 2020
    • Private Banking
    Trina Henke, chairman of Milbank Manufacturing, shares how her company has rapidly increased production of PPE in an effort to help in the fight against COVID-19.
  • Black and white horizontal stripes
    May 26, 2020
    • Private Banking
    Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast discusses the shifting landscape of philanthropy and impact, including the rise of international giving and impact investing.
  • Tiny people collecting goods for charity into huge donation box
    May 12, 2020
    • Private Banking
    During this time of need, many people are looking to make an impact with charitable giving. Wealth Planner Nicole Jackson Leslie shares how you can vet your chosen charity.
  • Crowd of forming a donation symbol on white background
    May 05, 2020
    • Private Banking
    Wealth Planner Nicole Jackson Leslie walks through charitable opportunities during this time of crisis, touching on what to give, how to give and tax considerations.
  • 5 hands hands all hold a puzzle-piece of a heart. The hands come together with their puzzle-pieces to create the shape of a heart
    April 24, 2020
    • Private Banking
    The CARES Act includes additional support for nonprofits through the expansion of charitable deductions. Wealth Planning Associate Sara Turner explores the implications for individuals and corporations.
  • Golden leaf pattern on dark background
    April 03, 2020
    • Private Banking
    Chief Investment Officer Suzanne Brenner, E&F Relationship Manager Daniel Battista and Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast discuss the financial strain many endowments are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and break down the opportunities presented by the CARES Act.
  • A scale weighing time and money with a blue background
    April 03, 2020
    • Private Banking
    BBH Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast discusses how economic disruption can affect endowments and shares how to review spending policies to help mitigate negative impact.
  • Hands holding red wood heart with blurry background
    March 21, 2020
    • Private Banking
    Wondering how you can help combat the COVID-19 outbreak and its far-reaching impact through philanthropy? BBH Senior Wealth Planner, Karin Prangley, discusses here.
  • Red white and blue background with stars and the wrods "charity", "social", "protect", and "save"
    January 09, 2020
    • Private Banking
    Senior Wealth Planner Anne Warren explores options for U.S. citizens, residents and charitable organizations seeking to incorporate international giving into their philanthropic efforts.
  • BBH Philanthropy Insider Turning Up The Volume Edition featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda
    November 21, 2019
    • Private Banking
    In this special philanthropy publication, we explore giving with intention and impact.
  • InvestorView - The Philanthropy Issue: Turning Up the Volume
    November 21, 2019
    • Private Banking
    Senior Wealth Planner Anne Warren discusses the Miranda family’s philanthropic commitment and activity, including a new donor-advised fund program with the Hispanic Federation.
  • Family of four running up the beach
    November 21, 2019
    • Private Banking
    We cover key areas of the philanthropic journey, highlighting considerations when thinking about how to give back.
  • Image of Anne Smead
    November 21, 2019
    • Private Banking
    We sit down with philanthropist Ann Smead to discuss her work at the University of Colorado Boulder, the importance of measuring outcomes and her advice for today’s philanthropists.
  • Lea Culver in front of Culver Suppor Center
    November 21, 2019
    • Private Banking
    We sit down with philanthropist Lea Culver, co-founder of fast-casual restaurant chain Culver’s, to discuss the work that is being done through the Culver’s Foundation, her personal approach to philanthropy and how she has engaged the next generation in her giving.
  • hands holding a cartoon globe with hands on it, peace sign, handshakes
    November 21, 2019
    • Private Banking
    Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast explores innovative solutions today’s philanthropists are using, including implementing new organizational structures, maximizing the impact of their investments and making nontraditional grants.
  • Cartoon people looking at statistics against blue background
    June 10, 2019
    • Private Banking
    Raja Khuri discusses how the imminent disappearance of LIBOR will affect credit markets in future years.
  • person looking through telescope at night
    January 22, 2019
    • Private Banking
    In this issue’s feature article, we review why a charitable mission is important and provide guidance on how to approach crafting a mission statement that enables you to take philanthropy beyond just “being charitable” or “giving back.”
  • Family of seven in front of a truck and hay bail
    January 22, 2019
    • Private Banking
    Many parents and scholars would like to understand how the transmission of generosity from parents to children occurs. Andrea Pactor and Jacqueline Ackerman of the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Women’s Philanthropy Institute share their findings on the “generosity gene” and how to create a strong foundation for the continuity of family giving.
  • Red Paper airplane in the sky above white fluffy clouds
    January 22, 2019
    • Private Banking
    Laura Salibello provides tips for how to join a nonprofit board.
  • Text that reads "Giving at a glance" and a cartoon hand putting money into a donation jar
    January 09, 2019
    • Private Banking
    Our “By the Numbers” infographic explores the patterns behind booming charitable giving and the impact of parental giving on the next generation.
  • A pair of hands shaking in the shape of a heart
    July 26, 2018
    • Private Banking
    Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast discusses how families can use philanthropy to create a platform for teaching the next generation about family values.
  • two hands held with their palms facing up
    July 27, 2017
    • Private Banking
    Senior Wealth Planner Kerri Mast discusses a common dilemma among philanthropically inclined individuals.
  • the words charity, donate, help, volunteer with images of coins in a jar
    April 26, 2017
    • Private Banking
    We discuss the permanent extension of the IRA charitable rollover, focusing on the benefits it provides philanthropic individuals in their charitable gift planning.

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