While your career path at Brown Brothers Harriman is yours to define, we’d like to provide insight into the two primary entry points into BBH: Early Career and the Executive.


Early Career Profile

We’re interested in bright, entrepreneurial individuals who are excited to contribute to a collaborative environment. We cultivate talent and look within to promote. We also encourage lateral moves if a new area of BBH is where your interests peek.

As a global firm, we expect our employees to have a global mindset.  If you are interested in gaining experience abroad, it’s just one more path you can take your career as part of the BBH team. A comprehensive orientation process lets you meet the team and prepare to get to work. Some fields will take you into more specialized training, but whatever your role; you will be prepared for success.

In our entry level candidates, we look for:

  • A willingness to take on new challenges
  • An entrepreneurial approach to your career development
  • Innovative thinking
  • An ability to create and maintain valuable relationships
  • Accountability for servicing our clients, the firm and for yourselves

At BBH, you have the opportunity to define your career path, and we have a strategy in place to help you succeed.

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Experienced Profile

BBH has a history, reputation and culture that’s dedicated to attracting and retaining top talent. The average Partner tenure is almost three decades. We are able to recruit the best people and retain them because they trust our long-term strategy and direction.

We pride ourselves in being big enough to serve our clients but small enough to reach the right people. This philosophy also applies to our employees. We’re big enough to give you top-of-the-industry resources, but small enough to allow you to really make a difference. The result: access to senior leadership and opportunities to stand out amongst your peers.

When it comes down to it, we are a results-oriented company, and, with positive results, we give you the freedom to shape your own career path.

At the Executive level, individual success is attained through an executive's ability to effectively lead others and lead the firm.  Our long-term success is rooted in our ability to adapt and we are looking to cultivate our next generation of visionary leaders.  This means:

  • Solving complex problems by identifying and integrating new ideas
  • Calculating the risk and not being afraid to execute
  • Understanding and leveraging differences across divisions and geographies
  • Inspiring others through a collaborative mindset

As soon as you walk through the doors we provide you with opportunities to build your own relationships.

Visit BBH Opportunities to view our available positions.

Learn about the culture and benefits that empower our employees to excel.