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A Slow Start to the Year

In this year’s second edition of InvestorView, Chief Investment Strategist Scott Clemons discusses improvements in the labor market, steps that the Fed has taken to pave the way for a rate increase and the performance of the equity and bond markets over the last quarter.
Quarter 2 2015

Digital Disruption in Retail, Payments and Media

In this quarter’s feature article, Core Select Co-Manager Michael Keller and Analysts Marla Sims and Sercan Ozcan explore the digital disruption taking place in the retail, payments and media sectors, and the implications for investors.
Quarter 2 2015

Equities: Core Select Update

Core Select Co-Managers Tim Hartch and Michael Keller provide an update on how the Core Select portfolio companies performed during the first quarter of 2015.
Quarter 2 2015

Book Review: Moneyball. The Best Baseball Book about Investing? Or, the Best Investing Book about Baseball?

Jake Turner reviews Michael Lewis’ Moneyball, and draws comparisons between the principles of successfully building a Major League Baseball team and BBH’s approach to value-oriented investing.
Quarter 2 2015

What to Do with All This Appreciated Stock?

Kerri Mast, BBH's Charlotte Regional Trust Head, explores wealth planning opportunities for those with appreciated stock.
Quarter 2 2015

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