For over 70 years, Brown Brothers Harriman has managed fixed income strategies for public and private institutions and high net worth families and individuals. We offer a suite of taxable, tax-exempt, and inflation-indexed strategies that utilize our unique investment philosophy and valuation methodology to generate long-term, peer leading returns.

Our fixed income process can be summarized in one sentence: We purchase durable credits when they are available at attractive yields. At BBH, our fixed income investment philosophy draws upon our investment culture as a firm and is grounded in a few key insights.  First, credit valuations across fixed income sectors historically offer compensation well in excess of default-driven losses. Second, credit spreads are more volatile than the underlying fundamentals justify, providing a fertile environment for active management. Third, we believe a patient, long term approach is necessary to deliver peer leading total returns.

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Taxable Fixed Income Strategies
(Core, Intermediate, Limited Duration, Credit Value)

Independent credit research design to uncover exceptional value across Fixed Income sectors.

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Tax-Exempt Fixed Income Strategy

Independent credit research designed to uncover exceptional value in a diverse market.

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U.S. TIPS Strategy

“Pure play”, actively managed strategies employed within the inflation-indexed market.

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Mutual Funds

Managed with a consistent philosophy and a disciplined approach to valuation.

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