Cross-Border 2025

As a trusted provider to asset managers, Brown Brothers Harriman is dedicated to understanding the ever-changing landscape of cross-border funds. Through research and analysis we seek to provide insight on the key forces shaping the industry today and in the future. In doing so, we hope to help you anticipate and prepare for what may lie ahead.

The Rise of Hong Kong

In 2016, we conducted a survey to gather the industry’s opinion on the prospect of Hong Kong’s future as a leading cross-border domicile and the potential implications for UCITS in the region. What we found was that the industry is incredibly bullish on the future for Greater China and specifically Hong Kong. Additionally, despite the optimism about Hong Kong, it is clear that many think UCITS still has a role to play in the region.

The Rise of Hong Kong Hong Kong: The Next Cross-Border Fund Domicile?


UCITS: What Does the Future Hold?

In 2015, with Strategic Insight, we polled a group of leading asset managers to develop a picture of the present UCITS framework, as well as a projection for what it might look like in the future. The results depict a dynamic, evolving framework, one that is faced with new challenges but still presents many advantage that make it an attractive option for years to come.

UCITS- 2025 Asian Passport Schemes on the Rise UCITS 2025 What does the future hold? UCITS 2025 World Fair