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Haven Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.

Nashville, Tennessee

Original Investment Date: 8/16

Haven Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. is a leading provider of specialized inpatient psychiatric stabilization and treatment services to a growing population of older adults with acute psychiatric issues, including depression, anxiety, psychosis or other severe behavioral problems. The Company operates six acute psychiatric facilities in five states, including geriatric and adult psychiatric units and partial hospitalization programs.


PrimeRevenue, Inc.

Atlanta, GA

Original Investment Date:  3/15

PrimeRevenue, Inc. is a provider of cloud-based financial supply chain solutions to optimize cash flows.  BBHCP invested common stock and convertible preferred stock to allow PrimeRevenue to pursue several growth opportunities.


KabaFusion Holdings, LLC

Cerritos, CA

Original Investment Date: 9/14

KabaFusion Holdings, LLC is a provider of specialty pharmaceutical home infusion services.  BBHCP is the control shareholder and invested convertible preferred stock and senior subordinated notes to help facilitate a recapitalization of the company.


EdgeConneX, Inc.

Herndon, VA
Original Investment Date: 10/13

EdgeConneX, Inc. is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider focusing on data center and network interconnection services.  BBHCP co-invested alongside the company’s existing group of investors and owns approximately 25% of the company.  The investment was used to provide growth capital in order to facilitate the future build-out of new data center facilities.


Vyve Broadband

Purchase, NY
Original Investment Date: 4/13

Vyve Broadband is a broadband platform focused on non-urban markets in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arkansas. The company was formed by the executive management team from Bresnan Communications. BBHCP is the control shareholder and, along with certain co-investors, has invested in excess of $100 million of equity capital to Vyve to execute its acquisition strategy.


Best Doctors, Inc.

Boston, MA
Original Investment Date: 8/12

Best Doctors, Inc. leverages its proprietary medical expert network to facilitate medical cost containment, risk management, improved quality of care and better patient outcomes by targeting costly, unforeseen complex and severe medical conditions.  BBHCP invested convertible preferred stock and owns approximately 27% of the company.  The investment was used to provide liquidity to current investors and to simplify the company’s capital structure.


Microban International, Ltd.

Huntersville, NC
Original Investment Date: 12/11

Microban International, Ltd. is a market leader in the design, engineering, testing and marketing of highly engineered, built-in branded antimicrobial ingredient solutions for consumer, industrial and medical products. BBHCP provided a junior capital investment that was used to support Microban’s acquisition by W.M. Barr & Company, Inc., a leading marketer, developer and manufacturer of a full suite of branded specialty cleaning products.


Scivantage, Inc.

Jersey City, NJ
Original Investment Date: 10/10

Scivantage is a provider of web-based, front- and middle-office software solutions to the financial services industry.  BBHCP invested in equity securities and owns approximately 40% of the company.  The investment was used to redeem the stock of an institutional investor and provide the founders of the business with liquidity.


Noble Systems Corp.

Atlanta, GA
Original Investment Date: 11/09

Noble Systems Corp. is a provider of software-based productivity tools for contact centers. BBHCP invested subordinated debt and equity and owns approximately 20% of the company.  The proceeds of the investment were used to help finance two tuck-in acquisitions and to finance a dividend to Noble’s owner.