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Diversity & Inclusion

“The diversity of our people is one of our greatest strengths. We must continue to attract and retain employees who provide diverse perspectives if we are to improve our service to clients and develop new and innovative products.” -Digger Donahue, Partner

At Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), we believe that the diverse ideas and perspectives of our employees are the cornerstone of our success. We are stronger because of our differences, and in order for our teams to excel, members of all viewpoints must trust one another and feel comfortable providing honest input. That's why we embrace a variety of perspectives, constantly apply new thinking, and are open to change—to enable the best and the brightest to reach their highest potential.

BBH Affinity Networks 
Over the last few years, BBH employees have created various networks to help collaborate, share ideas, and discuss issues of common interest. These networks have been formalized under the BBH Affinity Network Community, or BANC. Their mission is to promote a culture of inclusion, creating the environment and infrastructure for development of all.

BANC provides all employees the opportunity to network and broaden their understanding of the inner workings of the firm. The networks are employee-led, and provide a chance for members to network with colleagues they may not normally come in contact with. Members can develop informal mentoring relationships and gain exposure to senior leaders, who regularly attend events. BANC provides a place for people with common interests to come together, celebrate diversity, and discuss ideas.