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Diversity & Inclusion

“Diversity and Inclusion is not about ticking the boxes; it’s about creating an environment where Inclusion is at the core of our culture, where our talent acquisition practices prioritize Diversity and where we encourage and celebrate the broadest range of perspectives possible as we collaborate toward world class products, services and solutions for our clients. Our future success depends upon it."
- Bill Tyree, Managing Partner

Diversity Shapes our Culture
Our culture of collaboration and innovation is the result of our global teams who bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the workplace. We create an environment where employees of all backgrounds feel that their unique perspectives and ideas are valued. This is why we are deeply committed to our ten employee-led BBH Affinity Network Community (BANC) groups, which are very active in the financial services industry and our communities.

Diversity Drives Business Results
Exceptional client service is the foundation of our business and at the heart of our culture. Our employees’ different backgrounds, life experiences and ways of thinking help us to better understand each other and our clients. Our commitment to an inclusive and collaborative culture helps us avoid group think and ensures that the best ideas rise to the top.  As a result, we have expanded our offerings to serve new clients.

The Center for Women and Wealth supports women in the creation and management of wealth by fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment where women can engage in conversations about wealth, family, and values. Services and products include Private Wealth Management, Corporate Advisory & Banking and Private Equity. Additionally, our Private Wealth Management business offers tailored services for our LGBTQ clients with sophisticated financial and wealth planning needs, such as marriage tax implications, surrogacy and adoption issues, and charitable giving advantages.

Commitment to Progress
Our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion is evidenced by business practices that hold leadership accountable for fostering an environment where all people can thrive. We measure the success of our diversity and inclusion efforts in a variety of ways, including: the diversity of our recruits; extensive communications, education and training on inclusion; mobility opportunities; performance coaching; and community involvement. Our Global Inclusion Council, composed of a diverse group of leaders across the firm, advises on key priorities and holds everyone accountable for change.

External Partnerships
We are proud of our strong partnerships with organizations leading the discussion on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We work with groups such as Work Without Limits, Center for Talent Innovation, Council of Urban Professionals, Association of Latino Professionals for America, Out Leadership, Pride in Our Workplace,Open Finance, and Federation of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays to broaden opportunities for professionals of every background. These partnerships allow us to share our experiences and expertise with other companies, provide employee education and development opportunities, and support our diverse communities.