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Diversity & Inclusion

“At BBH, it is what we do together that sets us apart. Our Firm is committed to building an environment where employees of all races, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, ages, and diverse abilities feel encouraged to share their unique insights. Independent peer review is part of the basic fabric of our Firm because we know that the more diverse perspectives we apply to a client solution, the better it will be."
- Bill Tyree, Managing Partner

Our ability to create innovative solutions stems from the diverse perspectives of our employees and our capacity to come together as a global team—across backgrounds and borders—to draw upon our collective strengths and expertise. Together, we bring more brainpower, insight, and creativity to generate innovative products and solutions that help our clients stay ahead of their peers.

When seeking solutions, we draw on all dimensions of diversity—capabilities, cultures, perspectives, backgrounds, skills, and experiences—to ensure the best ideas always rise to the top. Our culture of inclusion respects employees for their differences and empowers them to make an impact on our global business.

By embracing a variety of viewpoints, constantly applying new thinking, and remaining open to change, we continuously improve the solutions delivered to our clients, colleagues, and communities—now and into the future.

2019 Sustainabile BBH Stewardship Report

Sustainability & Stewardship: Our 2019 Report

We are pleased to present our inaugural Stewardship Report, an important milestone in our commitment to sustainability and to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This report represents our commitment to accountability and transparency about our progress toward our goals.

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Our Affinity Networks

Open to all employees, our BBH Affinity Network Communities (BANC) provide a forum to develop skills and cultural experiences, network, and support key business initiatives while enhancing our workplace and communities. Employee driven, these networks foster leadership opportunities and organic collaboration across business lines and locations to strengthen the connections between the firm’s internal and external communities.

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Our External Partnerships

We are proud of our strong partnerships with organizations leading the discussion on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We work with groups such as Rock the Street, Ascend, Prospanica, City Parents, Veterans on Wall Street, Diversity Hub, Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce, LGBT Great, 30% Club, Diversity Best Practices, Work Without Limits, Out Leadership, Open Finance, CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, Women in Technology International and Women in Finance Asia (WiFA) to broaden opportunities for professionals of every background. These partnerships allow us to share our experiences and expertise with other companies, provide employee education and development opportunities, and support our diverse communities.



Barr, Marla_data100 Marla Barr
Senior Vice President, Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Engagement