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Robert Lees Senior Vice President, Investor Services


Robert Lees is Global Head of Securities Lending Trading at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH).  Mr. Lees has been with the firm for over 14 years and is based in London.  He previously spent three years in Hong Kong, during which he oversaw the launch of the securities lending desk.  Prior to his reassignment to Asia, Mr. Lees held senior positions on the trading desks located in Boston and London.

Prior to joining BBH, Mr. Lees was employed by Goldman Sachs International within the Wealth Management Division providing support services to institutional clients.  Mr. Lees has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry and is both FSA and HK SFC registered.

Mr. Lees received his Master of Arts in Economics with Honors from the University of Glasgow and holds a Masters in Business and Management from the University of Strathclyde Graduate Business School.  He has represented BBH on the Executive Committee of the Pan Asian Securities Lending Association (PASLA) and International Securities lending Association (ISLA).

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