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Securities Lending

With a specialized focus on intrinsic value lending, BBH delivers securities lending solutions designed specifically for the unique requirements of investment managers. Our pioneering tools provide clients with as much transparency and control as they require, from pre-approving every securities lending opportunity themselves to providing us with designated parameters to trade within.

The Road Less Traveled

Long before it gained popularity, BBH believed that intrinsic value lending was the most appropriate strategy for investment managers who wanted to strike the right balance between generating returns, and mitigating risk and interference with their core investment process. Today, many of the world’s largest investment managers use BBH as an intrinsic value lending specialist.

Uncompromised Trading Philosophy

Un-encumbered by maintaining a large volume lending program, BBH is uniquely positioned to execute intrinsic value-driven strategies for our clients. Our primary motivation is to extract the maximum intrinsic value from our clients’ portfolios. We deliver on this through a global trading team in London, Boston and Hong Kong who have a deep understanding of the dynamics driving borrower demand, and equipping them with integrated trading technology.

Structural Agility

Supported through a “custodian-neutral” platform, all BBH securities lending clients receive the same level of operational excellence, flexibility and service, regardless of their custodian. Over 50% of our business is driven by “third party” lending and we maintain automated connections with most global custodians.

BBH Securities Lending Execution Policy