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InfoNAV® is a scalable, independent, secondary NAV calculation tool which enables asset managers to monitor the NAV production process across all their administrators. The application provides clients with transparency into their global array of products, geographies and accounting providers.

Understanding the Impact

Clients can efficiently document control and apply an oversight best practice to their various accounting providers. InfoNAV® imports critical NAV component data from our clients’ service providers and generates a secondary NAV for comparison to the primary NAV. Clients can then easily obtain key metrics, analytics and reporting for Boards and interested parties via the dashboard.

Additional Benefits

  • Ability to manage a wide range of strategies and multiple accounting administrators on a single application
  • Provides a primary NAV to secondary NAV comparison, detailing areas of deviation for our client’s further analysis
  • Value-added servicing options with access to best-in-class Fund Accounting expertise
  • Integration with multiple data sources via BBH Infomediary®.