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Investment Accounting & Enterprise Data Support

The increasing complexity of capital markets, investment products, and the regulatory environment necessitates greater clarity and a real-time view into investment activity. There is a premium associated with timely decision making across trading, risk, product and marketing front office stakeholders.

Antiquated Status Quo

Asset gatherers have built strong franchises on the backs of order management systems (OMS) and Accounting Data (ABOR), but the idea of maintaining the OMS/ABOR status quo is antiquated and filled with gaps.

Advancing from the OMS/ABOR solution to a holistic investment book of records (IBOR) that is optimized for today’s investment environment is a complex but vital undertaking. A consistent book of records provides a framework to assess the current state of an asset gatherer’s Data Governance Strategy and formulate enhancements.

IBOR Strategy

The front office seeks information on real-time cash, securities and known future securities’ events across all their asset classes – such as public and private equity, and derivatives — through various exposure linkages and across a global network of brokers and custodian frameworks. For asset gatherers, a successful IBOR strategy consists of the following components:

  1. Data Governance Strategy
  2. Data Capture
  3. Aggregation and Enrichment
  4. Information Delivery

BBH provides market insight into these components to help clients shape their data governance strategies. Our technology platform provides an enterprise-wide data repository for consistent data capture across service providers, and aggregates and enriches data in a meaningful manner. This allows us to power client enterprise data hubs to enable better front office decision making.