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Adrian Whelan Senior Vice President, Investor Services


Adrian Whelan is a Senior Vice President and Head of Regulatory Intelligence for Investor Services at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), based in Dublin. In this role, he is responsible for articulating the impact of regulatory change on asset managers and the industry in which they operate. Mr. Whelan is the lead contributor to BBH’s On The Regs blog, where he regularly shares insights on global regulatory topics. He joined the firm in 2011.

Mr. Whelan is active in the Investment Company Institute, the International Securities Lending Association, Irish Funds and Investment Association, and other global industry bodies and working groups focused on education and advocacy for regulatory and policy changes impacting the asset management and banking industries.

Mr. Whelan is a champion of the Dublin chapter of BBH's Young Professionals Network and is active in the firm’s Asia Link Network and Pride Network.

Adrian holds a degree in Business Studies from Dublin City University. 

Market Commentary - 19 files

Staying Connected Webcast: COVID-19 Impact on Global Custody May 2020

In this edition of Staying Connected, Bob Stewart, Head of Global Custody Product, joins Adrian Whelan, Head of Regulatory Intelligence, to discuss some of the many ways the COVID-19 crisis is impacting operational processes across the industry.

Staying Connected: Talking TALF 2.0 April 2020

TALF, a market intervention program from the 2008 financial crisis to keep loans flowing to businesses, has been revived by the Fed. Time is of the essence and getting in early is key.

TALF 2.0: Opportunity Knocks but Only for a Short Time April 2020

TALF, a market intervention program deployed during the 2008 financial crisis to keep loans flowing to businesses, was recently revived by the Fed. Opportunity abounds for credit managers, but only for a limited time.

The Three Pillars of COVID-19 Regulation March 2020

Global regulators continue to react to the various undulations of the markets caused by the ongoing COVID-19 emergency. That’s a bit of an understatement – the response so far has been nothing short of frenzied.

EU ESG Rules: Pack Leader or Lone Wolf? March 2020

As ESG products continue to gain favor among global investors, the EU is leading the way to common ESG standards. Will the rest of the world follow suit?

The Asset Manager’s Perspective on 2020 January 2020

Gareth Murphy, Chief Risk Officer, and Christine Brentani, Regulatory Developments and Relationship Manager at Standard Life Aberdeen, highlight the key issues and trends shaping the global regulatory landscape in 2020.

Another Brexit Day Has Come and Gone – What’s Next? October 2019

“A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.” – Winston Churchill