In the feature article of this issue of Women & Wealth Magazine, BBH sits down with four women who have extensive philanthropic experience: Pamela Norley, Dianne Chipps Bailey, Maureen Orth and Susan Donahue. We discuss trends in philanthropy, focusing philanthropic efforts and forming a mission, the rise in impact philanthropy and increasing demand to measure results.

We also speak with Anne-Mette de Place Filippini of Burgundy Asset Management about her journey to becoming a portfolio manager, how to get more women and girls interested and involved in the male-dominated investment management industry and why mentors and sponsors are important.

This issue also includes the story of an incredibly charitable family, the Desais, whose philanthropy has allowed them to live their values together and to share them with rising generations. Megha Desai, currently the Desai Foundation’s director and soon to be its president, shared how her family’s values shape the foundation’s work, why they focus on women and the influence of her father’s entrepreneurial mindset.

Estate planning is just as, if not more, important for unmarried or childless individuals as it is for those who are married or have children. In this issue, Wealth Planner Anne Warren explores various methods of estate planning for people who are unmarried or do not have children depending on an individual’s desired beneficiaries.

Also in this issue, Andrea Pactor, associate director of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, provides a look at the Women Give 2016 study and examines how generation, gender and marital status affect charitable giving. Without question, women’s influence over charitable decision-making is on the rise. These insights are accompanied by an infographic in “By the Numbers” featuring the Women Give 2016 findings.

Finally, in “Five Questions,” Kathy Izard, author of The Hundred Story Home: A Journey of Homelessness, Hope and Healing, discusses finding a new career and fulfilling her purpose through helping the homeless of Charlotte, among other topics. Her advice for people who are looking for their calling? “Trust the whisper.”