This issue is filled with stories and insights from women who have created successful businesses and inspire others to achieve their own visions.

In our feature article, "Taking a Stance: How Supporting Women Drives Burton’s Success," Donna Carpenter, co-founder and CEO of Burton Snowboards, confides that her greatest accomplishment has been creating an environment that makes Burton an employer of choice for women. She explains how corporate culture drives the success of women and, ultimately, the success of the company.

Women entrepreneurs are significant contributors to global economic and social prosperity. Susan Duffy, Executive Director of the Babson College Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, shares her tips for success in "The Business of Self: Best Practices for Women Entrepreneurs."

We know that women are starting businesses at 1.5 times the national average and achieving great success. Despite this success, women still face a significant funding gap. In this issue’s "By the Numbers" infographic, we explore the current state of female-owned businesses, the obstacles they face and promising signs of change.

For many owners, preparing for the sale of a business can be overwhelming. In "Before You Sell the Family Business: Valuable Estate Planning Strategies," BBH Wealth Planners Alison Hutchinson and Karin Prangley detail three tax-saving strategies that owners may want to consider prior to the sale of their business.

BBH Chief Investment Strategist G. Scott Clemons, details the causes of failed wealth transfers and strategies that families can employ to increase their likelihood of success. His piece, "Crossed Wires: Why Most Generational Wealth Transfers Fail," explains why we should talk with our children about wealth and most importantly our families’ values.

Finally, as part of our “Five Questions with...” series, Jacqui Lewis, the Managing Director at Audley Travel, discusses the importance of cultivating confidence in young women, learning to lose and taking the time to celebrate wins.

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