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The Future of the Workforce in Emerging Technology

July 10, 2017

BBH’s Lorrie Gordon explains tech will only become increasingly critical over the next decade.


Q: How do you think emerging technologies will affect the workforce in the next decade?
In recent history, technology has become increasingly critical in financial services. Emerging technology is taking that to the next level. The impact is not just the creation of new technology rules, we've seen a shift where business leaders need to be more fluent with technology and technologists need to work more closely with the business than ever before. That close integration between business and systems - it's no longer just a "nice to have." It's required for financial services firms to reach the level of business agility they need to thrive. We've taken a number of steps at BBH to increase that deeper level of collaboration, including infusing former business leaders into our technology organization.

Q: How are you seeing roles in financial industry change?
As we've modernized our technical architecture and matured our development processes, we've seen a number of changes, including demand for new skills. One example of that, is how our quality management function has changed significantly. In the past, it might have been described as a rather sleepy area in the development organization, but now, it's a value function in sought after talent.

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