In the feature article of this issue of InvestorView, Chief Investment Strategist Scott Clemons examines upcoming changes in political policy. He looks at the economy and markets in the time of a Trump presidency, zeroing in on the effects of proposals surrounding trade, immigration, deregulation and taxes. For a preview of the article, watch this video.

Also related to the new administration, Wealth Planner Brad Dillon’s article looks at another change on the horizon in the political sphere: the return of supply-side tax policy. He discusses the tax policy proposals of President Trump and the House Republicans, looking at changes to individual income taxes, gift and estate taxes and corporate taxes. In addition, Investment Research Analyst Carson Christus discusses insights from our 2016 Investor Day event, which is designed to bring together BBH clients, friends of the firm and our investment teams in discussion about the current market environment and both our internal and external managers’ investment philosophies. As always, we review the markets and provide an update on our current portfolio positioning and priorities as well as the Core Select equity strategy.