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Gemma Godfrey on the Future of Asset Management

July 13, 2017

Founder/CEO of Moola, Gemma Godfrey describes collaboration and complimentary services as the key to asset managers incorporating technology into their businesses.


Gemma Godfrey provided the keynote at BBH’s 2017 London Symposium Making the Quantum Leap. Former Quantum Physicist and Founder/CEO of online investment platform Moola sat down with BBH to discuss the role of technology in financial services.

Q: What does online investing mean for asset managers and their businesses?
The key thing is collaboration and working together so enhancing the offering with complimentary services rather than replacing, rather than being in competition. There is a lot in the press at the moment about jobs being replaced by robots and certain technology being a threat, but what we're seeing is is that at the institutional level there's a wealth of data that's been captured over decades. So, institutions, they have data on customers, on people, on the way that services have been run, you then have technology companies coming to the floor that say well they can actually analyze this data and give you valuable insights to be able to implement it to be able to improve the way that you work. So, the marrying of those two is what's really exciting. And so, for example, what we're doing at Moola, is we look at asset management and we look at what parts of the process can be automated, what parts of the process are simple and then compliment that, obviously, by keeping, we keep the process very simple, but ultimately everything else around the edges can be provided by the financial institution.

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