The survey examines the latest trends, offers advisors’ views of new ETFs, active ETFs and Smart Beta ETFs, and indicates where they are looking for future investment opportunities.

  • As ETFs continue to enter the mainstream of investing strategy, we wanted to see how attitudes toward new ETFs have changed over the past year. We found that nearly 65% of respondents were willing to invest in an ETF with a track record of 1 year or less (vs. 52% in 2013).
  • When it comes to ETF selection, the big picture still reigns supreme. Respondents gave “Exact exposure of the underlying index” the most first-place votes (47%). “Expense ratio” (35%) and “Tracking difference” (24%) also made a splash with the number of first-place votes they also received.
  • In general, the survey results indicate that advisors are taking greater risks on index branding and alternative strategies, and they are adding new ETFs to their portfolios more quickly. But where are advisors hoping to see more investment opportunities? Alternatives and international fixed income were the top choices, with 44% and 34% of respondents selecting them, respectively.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the survey or would like the full results, do not hesitate to reach out to us at with the words “ETF Report Survey” in the subject line.