In the fine wine market, a product that has long sat somewhere on the commodity-luxury good continuum, demand has been healthy as Asian and Western consumers drink more and more Burgundy; supply of Burgundy, meanwhile, cannot catch up. In the feature article of this issue, we sit down with Patrick Stella, founder of WineCredit, to discuss the extent to which wine is investable and shifting sources of demand and value in the market.

Also in this issue, Max Schlubach looks at the U.S. trucking industry, which is facing rising demand amid zero excess capacity – trucking rates have increased 50% year over year in many cases. As power demand rises in Latin America, countries are being forced to make large investments in electricity generation and enhanced grid infrastructure, as Anna Pearson discusses in another article covering a rising emphasis on renewable energy in the region. Finally, in his article on the new NAFTA – the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA – Jay Foraker brings us up to the geopolitical level, where the Trump administration’s restructuring of existing trade agreements may redraw historical trading patterns and could increase prices for certain internationally traded goods and services in the process.