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Beyond Robotics: A Look at Emerging Technologies

July 10, 2017

Emerging technologies are having a major impact on fund distribution. Fidelity’s James Harris breaks down how they’re using tech in everything they do.


Q: How are emerging technologies affecting fund distribution?
Often talked about are guidance and robo, but emerging technologies are permeating everything that we do. Even traditional models now have to think about it in terms of understanding their clients, identifying leads or servicing their clients. From digital content to digital closets, all need to be part of their proposition.

Q: What digital distribution channels are Fidelity currently using and what are your future plans?
At Fidelity, we use advanced analytics for segmentation and targeting. We also use technology for aggregation and guidance tools. We've used wearables at client events, and we also use voice biometrics for client security and customer service. Looking forward, who knows? We may use AI and voice to do customer risk profiling.

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