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The Small-Issuer Premium in Corporate Bonds

Jorge G. Aseff, PhD, Michelle McLaughlin, George McWilliams May 2019

The size of a corporate issuer, measured by its amount of debt outstanding, affects the spread and performance of its bonds. In this Strategy Insight, we show that small issuers trade at wider spreads than their large counterparts, and that ...

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An Inverted Yield Curve: What Does It All Mean?

Andrew P. Hofer, Neil Hohmann, PhD, Jorge G. Aseff, PhD April 2019

An inverted yield curve preceded every recession since 1970. When on March 22 the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds fell below that on the 3-month variety for the first time since 2007, concerns about a U. S. economic downturn raised to new levels.

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