2016 ETF Survey Results

Over the past several years the ETF market has seen tremendous growth. Global ETF assets have reached almost €3 trillion, with the US market now at $2.5 trillion1 and European ETF assets close to €500 billion at the end of 2016.2

Explore our US Findings

For the fourth consecutive year BBH has partnered with ETF.com to gain insight into the expectations and preferences of sophisticated ETF investors in the US. The results suggest that not only will the ETF market continue to grow, but investors’ usage of ETFs continues to evolve and the products are becoming a cornerstone of their portfolios.

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Explore our European findings

To identify emerging trends in the European ETF market, BBH, in partnership with Inside ETFs, conducted its second Annual European ETF Investor Survey in June 2016. We surveyed 180 European financial advisors and institutional investors, gaining insight into their sentiments toward the dynamic ETF marketplace. The survey results indicate that ETFs have room to grow in Europe and that there is increasing interest in innovation, such as smart beta, socially responsible funds, and robo-advisor technology.



What’s Next for European ETFs?

March 15, 2017 |

1ETFGI, September 2016
2Thomson Reuters Lipper, August 2016