2017 - 2018 ETF Survey Results

In 2017, global assets invested in ETFs continued to reach new records, surpassing $4 trillion. The US remains the largest ETF market, with assets totaling $3.25 trillion. The European market stands at $762 billion, and Greater China ETF assets are $92 billion.1

Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) surveyed US and Greater China investors to identify key trends, highlight changing sentiment, and explore areas of innovations in the dynamic ETF marketplace.

In these reports, we provide the results and findings for the 2017-2018 US and Greater China ETF Investor Surveys.

Explore our Greater China Findings

BBH, in partnership with research firm New Narrative, recently surveyed 100 professional ETF investors to gain key insights about the future of ETFs in Greater China in three key markets (Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). The survey results highlight trends in investor behavior and ETF usage in these markets, each of which is primed for further growth in 2018.

Greater China Survey 350x350 Greater China Infographic 350x350

Explore our US Findings

For the fifth year in a row, we partnered with ETF.com to gauge sentiment of professional ETF investors in the US. We surveyed 360 financial investors, RIAs, and institutional investors to identify emerging trends in the ETF market. The responses from these professional investors reveal several insights that both solidify trends and highlight evolving nuances in the ETF market that may help ETF managers to jump out their blocks in 2018.

US Survey 350x350 (1) US Infographic 350x350