2018 Consultant Exchange - Enabling Change

The second BBH US Consultant Exchange, “Enabling Change”, was held in Boston in February. The event brought together consultants and influencers from across the Asset Management & Financial Services industry for an interactive discussion on this theme, together with a review of BBH’s key focus areas for 2018.


Key session takeaways:

Strategic Thinking and Enabling Change: BBH’s Approach

William Rosensweig, Partner

At BBH we put the client at the center of everything we do. The level of care that is required to ensure that every interaction with a client is helping drive their success can only be achieved when we collectively focus on every detail, process and data point.  We really believe that how it's done matters.

In 2018, we are focusing on key investment areas to help asset managers grow, optimise and oversee their businesses. These include alternative fund servicing, modular middle office services, digital & data solutions, and the application of emerging technologies.

Digital, Data and Emerging Technology

Mike McGovern, Head of Investor Services Fintech, John Hartnett, Sales & Relationship Management, Christian Bolanos, Head of Fintech Product, Vanessa Cuozzo,  Head of Fintech Business Development, Americas

Well-designed technology and data integration services allow for automation, scalability, simplification and efficiency across middle and back offices. 

Emerging technologies, including robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, represent new tools to enable real transformation in the way we work.  At BBH we are focusing on effective ways to use emerging technology to enhance efficiencies within data workflows. Our tools LINC and ANTS are examples of applied AI in our fund administration services. LINC uses natural language processing in the ongoing automation of the cash settlement process. ANTS marries predictive analysis and machine learning to help identify basic anomalies that occur in the NAV process.  

Our single global technology platform, coupled with a focused strategy, afford BBH high scalability, flexibility and a streamlined model.  Our modular solutions are designed to work across an asset manager’s providers and our Info Suite of tools demonstrate that approach in areas such as corporate actions, cash management, reconciliation and NAV oversight.

We view data connectivity as critical. Our connectivity solutions powered by Infomediary are designed to increase transparency through interactive client dashboards and dynamic reporting, to enable better decisions in real time, and offer more direct access to information via advanced machine to machine data delivery (APIs)

Transparency, Optimization and Control in Capital Markets

Christopher Remondi, Partner

BBH has offered FX services for almost 200 years and securities lending services for close to 20 years. Helping to deliver transparency, control, and performance optimization continue to be three key areas of focus for our product development. DealBoard™, FX HedgeHub™, and InfoFX Live® are examples of digital tools which allow unprecedented transparency into previously opaque business processes allowing for better control, operational efficiency, and decision making.

The Importance of People in a Global Service Model

Ross Connell, Head of US Funds Product, Jim LaCasse, Head of US Client Service Group, Eric Seaberg, Senior Client Service Manager

In striving for the highest quality service experience, it is important to focus on people as well as technology. At BBH, we believe our people are a real differentiator.  They are the experts who understand and partner with our clients to provide a consistently high level of service supported by innovative technology solutions.  

Our Global Service Model is critical in ensuring both high quality and consistent client interactions globally allowing us to understand the client and anticipate their needs. We align service teams with clients needs, taking into account client location, product domiciliation & product distribution.

Enabling Change: Perceptions of BBH

Audience members were asked to provide three words that came to mind when thinking about BBH at the start of the event and again at the conclusion.  While BBH has traditionally been known as a service oriented firm, our technology, modular, and provider agnostic focus areas were now also highlighted at the end of the event.

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