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Are you or is someone you know considering a return to the workforce following a break from the corporate world?

Restart@BBH enables candidates who've been out of the workforce for two years or more to return to a corporate setting through a paid Restart Assignment. Skills and interests are matched with business needs to create successful outcomes and lasting partnerships. Along with gaining valuable experience and refreshing skills, participants will receive training and mentoring to help them make the transition back to work. Positions are available at various levels in our Boston, New Jersey, New York and Dublin offices.


  • Candidates must have left the workforce for a minimum of two years at the time the Restart Assignment begins
  • Candidates cannot leave a job to join the Restart Program
  • Former BBH employees, as well as those new to the Firm, are encouraged to apply
  • Candidates must be able to work in locations where the program is currently available (Boston, New Jersey, New York & Dublin)
  • The program runs for 10 weeks in U.S. locations and for 16 weeks in Dublin.

How to apply:

In the U.S.: The U.S. Restart program will begin accepting applications in the Spring of next year. Check back in May of 2021.

In Dublin: The Dublin Restart programme is currently accepting applications. The programme offers talented professionals who have been on a career break for two or more years with a paid 16-week placement.

  1. Visit
  2. Select 'Search for Jobs'
  3. Enter '43636' in the search bar to locate the job posting

Anele Mpande’s Restart Success Story

As with most people, family is one of the most important parts of my life. The time I took away from the corporate world to be a full time mom is a period of my life I will always cherish. But it did not come without major sacrifices, including the impact it had on my career. When I considered a return to the workforce, I expected a challenge. I was aware that many of the financial services companies had in the past few years introduced the concept of ‘return-to-work’ programs. I came across BBH’s Restart program. My experience in the program was exceptional. I got placed in an area that is a perfect match with my previous experience. Though the program is just 10 weeks, it equipped me with the necessary tools to set me up for success in my current permanent role at BBH.

- Anele Mpande, New York

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anele 200

Maureen Harrington’s Restart Success Story

I had no idea such a program existed! I got my application in and was thrilled and grateful to learn that I had been accepted. This was my opportunity to demonstrate that I could still add value to an organization, despite my time away. Throughout the application and on-boarding process, I felt embraced and supported, with regular check-in calls and was assigned both an external and internal department mentor, who were invaluable resources. The program matched me based on my past experience, so I brought some industry knowledge to my role right away. I have always felt supported and valued. In fact, I recently had the opportunity to travel to South Africa with a colleague where I was able to bring my experience and knowledge to the conversation, but also had the chance to enrich and expand my understanding of BBH, its role as a global custodian, and how I fit into the bigger picture.

- Maureen Harrington, Boston

Suzanne Mumma's Restart Success Story

After a decade away from the corporate world to raise and support my family, I found myself in a new personal circumstance and craving the opportunity to get re-established with a new career and financial stability. I knew it would be difficult to re-enter the workforce after a long break, and I would need to rebuild my professional confidence by getting reacquainted with the latest developments in the financial services industry. I enrolled in a year-long post graduate program and hoped to find a company that would continue to invest in and develop me. The idea of a “returnship” opportunity made sense, and I found the perfect one through the Restart@BBH program.

BBH has been a true lifeline. The Firm’s partnership structure and reputation for integrity were what originally drew me to BBH. What I have been pleasantly surprised to discover is the equally impressive caliber of my colleagues and the collaborative, supportive culture. From my initial interview, through onboarding and my appointment to my current permanent position in Depositary, I have felt valued every step of the way and have been provided the resources and mentorships needed to grow my career.

-Suzanne Mumma, Dublin