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Signature Programs

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Our signature development programs are tailored to Brown Brothers Harriman’s (BBH) unique culture, helping you as you progress in your career to grow as a leader, build long-term relationships, and navigate the global marketplace. Some programs are designed for specific points in your career, such as a promotion to management, while others employ a competitive selection process and are available throughout the year.  Samplings of our offerings include:

Development Assignment Program (DAP): Highly motivated individuals have the opportunity to grow their skill set and advance their careers with a two-year assignment in one of our international locations. Those selected for DAP rotate through a number of roles, working to broaden their understanding of our business while building key relationships, gaining global exposure to senior leaders, learning new skills, immersing themselves in a new culture, and sharing their knowledge with local teams. The program includes a combination of on-the-job experiences and classroom training. Participants enroll in formal training classes and are assigned a mentor.

Foundations of BBH Management: This cohort-based program targets new and/or recently promoted managers, ensuring they are equipped to lead a global and diverse workforce. The curriculum engages a variety of learning styles by blending self-led, classroom, and e-Learning while ensuring application back on the job. This development approach embeds the participant’s manager throughout the program, ensuring alignment between the firm’s expectations and a new manager’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Leadership Education And Development:  This two-year leadership commitment starts with a nine-week intensive program designed to help participants map their leadership journey, deepen their financial acumen, and contribute to BBH’s strategic objectives. Employees deepen their self-awareness; create a personal leadership brand; succeed in large, complex assignments; and develop a network within the firm and the industry.

Leadership Bridge:  This is a six-month program for longer-term managers who have had limited or no formal management training. Similar to our foundations program, participants will develop the skills to harness the full power of their teams, including the ability to leverage and manage interpersonal differences, guide and coach their subordinates, and successfully navigate performance conversations.