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Chris Ouellette


Department: Transfer Agency

Tenure: BBHer since 2002

Location: Poland

Interests: Cooking, reading, jogging with my dog, and watching New England sports

Quote: “For over 13 years, BBH has expanded my skills, challenged me to improve, and supported me when I needed help.”

What I do: As the Global Head of Transfer Agency Systems, I am responsible for providing a technology platform that can support and extend one of our most exciting business products.

Why BBH? A creative, entrepreneurial approach on an individual and firmwide level is a key ingredient in BBH’s success. Some of my favorite moments are the small wins, when an idea or approach that I have sponsored or believed in has made significant progress through the work of others.

Encouraging Innovation: BBH fosters creative thinking by establishing open communication and trust, creating a shared vision, and providing time to explore new ideas. Our commitment to fully understand client challenges helps us find the best solution, rather than the easiest or fastest fix.  We don’t dwell on mistakes when they occur, but instead, focus on moving forward. As a member of the Krakow Innovation Council, I work with colleagues across business and systems departments to encourage and enable innovation. Our annual Codefest competition encourages small, diverse teams to create functioning prototypes in just 48 hours. The events have led to several new ideas and improved collaboration. They are also a lot of fun!

Importance of Mentors: I feel the ability to talk to my mentors in an open and trusting forum is closely related to success in the workplace. When I am faced with a new challenge, it is very likely that someone in my network has previously conquered the same issue.  As my role has evolved over time, the circle of individuals that I can rely on has grown and changed.  In return, I am always open to helping people or giving advice based on my experience. This has been especially rewarding in Krakow as we have so many talented newcomers to BBH. They know how to solve a problem and simply need a bit of guidance to help make it happen in the BBH environment.