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Travis Partington


Department: Systems

Tenure: BBHer since 2001

Location: United States

Interests: Olympic Weight Lifting, Motorcycles, and Writing

Quote: “Time and again I see BBHers make what appears to be impossible merely routine.“

What I do: As an Information Security Analyst, I ensure client and company data is transmitted and maintained in a secure environment in compliance with regulations.

BBH Culture:   I like that we are committed to  building strong relationships with people. Because in the end, people are what matters most. We never compromise on what we do or how we deliver—constantly going beyond what is asked to make a greater contribution. I see this dedication not only in the way we partner with our clients, but also in our work within the community.  Many companies support a charitable program by simply sending some volunteers.  When BBH engages with an organization , we do so with the same effort and drive that we give our clients and their needs. 

Leadership: The opportunities to share your knowledge and learn from others are everywhere around you at BBH.  My time in the US Marine Corps inspired me to chair our Military Veterans Network.  Being part of the network helps me interact with colleagues outside my current department and gain different perspectives on dealing with challenges in our workplace. It is an honor to provide comfort for colleagues just as others had provided my family when I served. Providing support can go a long way to giving others strength to handle new challenges. I hope that my background and experiences continue to encourage military veterans  to join our BBH “ranks."  My involvement in our affinity groups enables me to champion this effort.

Opening the Door For Others: Understanding how  challenging it can be to transition back into civilian life,  I wanted to rally other military advocates at the Firm to help ease this life change for veterans.  I was familiar with the  New England Center for Homeless Veterans (NECHV) through BBH’s volunteer work in serving meals, but saw an opportunity to do more.  The Firm encouraged me to take the lead in strengthening our partnership.  After meeting with  Head of the Veterans Training School at NECHV, we discovered  they were in need of a basic computer course to teach veterans how to apply for jobs, unlock their benefits or simply connect with family and friends.  Not being a teacher, I was hesitant to go outside my comfort zone.  With the support of colleagues , I created a curriculum that I used to teach classes and recruited and trained fellow BBHers to get involved.  Since starting, the program has grown with a more advance module created by another colleague, as well as opportunities to help with resume review and interviewing skills.  I am delighted with our progress and was honored to be asked to serve on the Board of Directors for NECHV.