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Masayuki Okayama


Department: Treasury Services

Tenure: BBHer since 2004

Location: United States

Interests: Reading, Music, New Orleans Saints Football

Quote: “Even after 10 years with BBH, I still am excited about the many career opportunities here and the future of the Firm.”

What I do: I recently started working in Treasury Services out of the New York office after transferring from the Investor Services Relationship Management team in our Tokyo location.  It has been a seamless transition, as  I’m still involved with our Japanese client relationships, just now from a cash management product perspective.

The Importance of Communication: Strong communication skills and respect for others have been invaluable in my career. I like that the Firm embraces these values by encouraging people to state their point of view freely. Finding the best solution often requires complex decision making where a variety of views need to be considered. While it can sometimes be challenging to gain consensus, it is important to openly debate all the angles.  Over the years, I have relied on the opinions of my colleagues to help us find the best solutions for our clients--and they have yet to disappoint me.

Deliberate Change: Thoughtful leadership and collaborative decision making are a deep part of our culture and can be seen at every level of the Firm.  We take a long-term approach by being prudent, building toward change with smart, smaller,  strategic steps to get to our goal.  It helps us adapt easily to changing markets and mitigates risk to our clients and the Firm.

Personal Growth:  In my work at BBH, I’ve become more conscious how different cultures, backgrounds, and protocols can allow the same situation to appear completely different to each observer. Even a shift in responsibilities can change your view of a situation.  Personally, trying new roles in various offices has helped me build my day-to-day knowledge of our products, evolving my own perspective and skills.  These diverse perspectives create a stronger product for our clients and makes working at BBH so interesting.