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Shauna Bassett

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Department: Change Management

Tenure: BBHer since 2008

Location: Ireland

Interests: Traveling, reading, trying new restaurants and spending time with family and friends.

Quote: “Across all levels, it’s a part of the BBH culture to help you succeed.”

What I do: I recently joined the Global Business Integration (GBI) team. We lead and coordinate the onboarding of BBH’s new clients.

International Exposure: My career at BBH has been a truly global experience!  Since starting in Boston, I’ve spent 2.5 years in Luxembourg and Krakow, and am now located in our Dublin office.  Along with challenging myself on personal level, each move has given me the opportunity to develop my professional skills by gaining a better understanding of the Industry, as well as the services and products that BBH offers.  The work I do also requires global coordination that has led me to interact with colleagues with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. I've found that each person brings a unique perspective to the conversation. Working together, we transcend cultural differences to understand our client’s needs and deliver the service our client’s have come to expect.

Personal Growth: BBH encourages you to embrace new opportunities and is great at providing you the support you need to succeed.  At first I was worried about making the jump to my current role, but I was able to sit with the team in Boston for three months prior to moving to the Dublin office.  With the training and experience I had in Boston, the transition to Dublin was easy.

BBH’s Culture: With each new opportunity I’ve taken, I’m amazed by the welcoming nature of my colleagues. From my former teams to the new people I’ve meet in each local office, everyone has gone out of their way to make sure that I have settled in easily and continue to develop professionally.