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Cathal Boylan


Department: Risk Management

Tenure: BBHer since 2003

Location: Ireland

Interests: People & Charity Challenges

Quote: “Working at BBH is like being part of a large and busy family, pulling together to move forward in the right direction.”

What I do:  As a risk manager in Investor Services, I proactively identify, assess, monitor, measure and mitigate all types of risks that the business faces. 

Personal Growth: Working at BBH has allowed me to mature as a person, a colleague and a manager. Throughout my twelve years in a relatively small office,  I have been able to explore different roles such as Custody, Trustee, Human Resources, and now Risk Management. One thing I enjoy most about BBH is working with people.  Whether in the role of manager, mentor, client service, Toastmasters Chair, or BBHcares Team Captain, I am constantly amazed at the great energy, commitment and enthusiasm of my colleagues.  Not to mention all the fun we have along the way!

Different Perspectives:  When I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering, I never imagined I would have a long-term career in financial services.  Yet BBH seeks out people with different backgrounds that have strong foundations in areas like problem solving, analytical thinking, and collaboration.  Throughout my various roles at the Firm, I have found that the skills I picked up in college help me to approach challenges from a different angle than my colleagues, which has proven very helpful to my team. 

BBH’s Culture:  I learned early on in my career at BBH that people here are focused on the team, rather than themselves. During my first year, I was working on a project that encountered some unexpected challenges from a new client.  I remember the head of the office gathered the team together, for what I thought would be an unpleasant conversation.  Instead, he opened the meeting by outlining the issues  and asking this simple question, “What are we as a team going to do about it?” There was no finger pointing, no blame game: just a collective will to move forward quickly and successfully.  And we did, so much so that over ten years later that client is still with us (with four times the assets than when we took them on).  Our inclusive and  supportive environment brings out the best in everyone.