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BBH Affinity Network Community (BANC) Events

BANC Events_Celebrating the Rich Culture of China

Celebrating the Rich Culture of China

The Asia Link Network brought employees together to celebrate the Year of the Goat by serving traditional cuisine and hosting customary Chinese New Year activities. Colleagues were able to learn about the Chinese Zodiac Calendar and challenge each other in a sport that has been considered very popular in China for decades, ping pong! The event not only commemorated the upcoming year, but also emphasized best wishes for a peaceful life, time together with family and friends, and recognized traditions that have been carried on for centuries.

BANC Events_Learning New Skills

Learning New Skills: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Roundtable Discussions

In this three –part discussion series hosted by the Black Affinity Network, BBH leaders shared their experiences of how the habits detailed the best-selling book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” have helped them throughout their career.  Through interactive discussions, employees learned how to successfully apply these habits within the BBH culture to take their personal growth to the next level.  Habits included  being proactive,  beginning with the end in mind, putting first things first, thinking win-win, seeking first to understand, synergizing strengths and balancing resources.

BANC Events_Working with Americans

Working with Americans: A Users Guide for the Rest of the World

The Global Employees Network hosted a cross-office event to explore global culture agility and awareness.  40% of our Investor Services employees work outside of the United States and all employees work with colleagues and clients from all over the world.  Employees learned about the importance of global awareness and best practices for working across geographies.

BANC Events_Teaming up with Business Professionals to Affect Change

Teaming up with Business Professionals to Affect Change

In partnership with our Latino Network, BBH is actively involved with the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA). Through individual memberships, co-sponsored events and educational programming, we support ALPHA’s mission to “Build Latino Business Leaders.”  Over the years BBH employees have spoken on numerous topics, such as growing your skill-set, mentoring, networking and professional etiquette, to help future college graduates navigate the workplace.

BANC Events_Serving and Protecting Our Veterans

Serving and Protecting Our Veterans

To support veterans returning to civilian life, the Veterans Network teamed up with the New England Center for Homeless Veterans in Boston. In addition to serving monthly meals, BBHers have leveraged their skills to restructure and teach basic computer curriculum at the Veterans Training School.  The curriculum now includes digital media work along with resume construction, interview skills and more. One volunteer noted that he thought he would teach one six-week session of classes, but has returned weekly since starting and has no intention of stopping while there is still need.

BANC Events_Proud to be an Ally

Proud to be an Ally

In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, BBH's Pride Network held an event to celebrate its Allies.  The session detailed the importance of allies who advocate or and support members of a community other than their own; reaching across differences to achieve mutual goals. Through real-world examples, personal stories, and round table discussions, BBHers considered more ways to create a supportive workplace and bravely asked questions to strengthen their ability to be smart, energetic, compassionate, and dedicated Allies.  During the month long celebration, employees “came out” as Allies at BBH to reinforce the Firm’s commitment for a diverse, accepting, tolerant and inclusive global workplace for all.

BANC Events_Negotiations for Win-Win Results

Negotiation for Win-Win results

The Young Professionals Network stressed the importance of negotiation skills -- both in your personal and professional life-- during a recent event.  Led by a professor from Northeastern University, the inter-active session shared strategies that everyone could utilize to improve confidence in negotiations and strengthen their interpersonal relationships. Concluding the workshop, attendees then enthusiastically participated in a fun one-on-one exercise to test their newly learned negotiation skills with their colleagues.

BANC Events_Learning and Growing Safely

Learning and Growing Safely

The Parenting Network hosted an event sharing tips to monitor children's online activities to ensure their time remains in balance with school work, family time, and most of all, to keep them safe. Tips included tracking browser histories, safe search settings and filtering options. Most importantly, the speaker stressed talking to your children and educating them on how to handle cyber bullying.

BANC Events_Lean In

Lean In Circles Raise Awareness

Lean In circles hosted by our Women’s Network bring together participants from all “walks” of life to openly share the challenges in and outside the workplace and to seek potential development opportunities. Participants have found that men and women share many of the same concerns, though they may come at them from slightly different vantage points. The number of men involved has helped create awareness across genders of the challenges we all face, providing greater understanding and the dynamics needed to create positive change.