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Diverse Perspectives

Diverse Perspectives

At Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH), each employee’s unique perspective is valued—so much so that our strategy and success depend on it. We believe the best solutions are born from diversity of thought. Our ability to come together as a global team—transcending groups and borders—and provide honest input and new ideas is a competitive advantage that enables us to deliver the best to our clients. Diversity at BBH is a source of opportunity, innovation, and new ways of thinking.

Our Differences Make Us Stronger

Visitors are often struck by the lack of walls and the abundance of open meeting spaces throughout BBH offices, two tangible indicators of our collaborative culture. Our flat organizational structure and cross-functional approach to doing business foster constant peer review, which ensures all ideas are considered and leads to better decisions. When seeking solutions, we consider all dimensions of diversity—capabilities, cultures, perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences—to ensure the best ideas always rise to the top. 

An Integrated Approach

Our strong commitment to a culture of inclusion is evidenced by our business practices that hold leadership accountable for fostering an environment where success-driven people can thrive. We measure the success of our inclusion efforts in a variety of ways, including by the diversity of our recruits, extensive communications, education and training on inclusion, mobility opportunities, performance coaching, and community involvement. To further demonstrate our leadership’s commitment to an inclusive culture, our Global Inclusion Council, composed of a diverse group of leaders across the firm, advises on key inclusion priorities. That our inclusion practices are integrated into our daily activities ultimately positions us to deliver more innovative products and services to our clients.

External Partnerships

We are proud of our strong partnerships with non-profits. We work with organizations such as Catalyst, Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, and Open Finance (to name a few), which are raising awareness of the benefits of diversity and expanding opportunities for all. These partnerships allow us to share our experiences and expertise with other companies, provide employee education and development, and help our diverse communities.

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