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Pride Network

“I’m proud to be part of the Pride Network and be part of a Firm where LGBTQ professionals and supporters have a community of peers to come together for sharing, networking, and volunteering. The greater our diversity and inclusion, the more we unlock human potential and the greater the prosperity of BBH. Having a diverse set of colleagues who feel comfortable being themselves is our culture in tangible and intangible ways.”

– Jeff Schoenfeld, Partner and Pride Network

BBH believes everyone should feel empowered to bring their whole selves to work regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Pride Network creates a welcoming community for employees who identify as LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning) and their allies. Through education and advocacy, we raise awareness of topics relevant to the LGBTQ community, helping to create a diverse, accepting, and inclusive workplace. Members benefit from professional development opportunities, including a formalized mentoring program and targeted volunteerism to give back to local communities. We also partner with our Lines of Business to ensure policies and practices are sensitive to, and inclusive of, LGBTQ professionals.

Signature Events


Using Sensitivity & Intelligence to Understand Gender Diversity

The BBH Pride Network presented award-winning transgender storyteller, diversity speaker, educator, and Ted Talk Presenter, Scott Turner Schofield, whose presentation touched on themes of "gender diversity," identity, culture, language, and ally-ship. Scott's presentation included transgender themes and introduced the concept of "inter-sectionality" — answering the question of how biological sex, gender, and sexuality are influenced by factors including race, socioeconomic status, geographical location, and disability. Scott masterfully wove these topics together, speaking to audience members' varied experiences, both in and out of the workplace.


Leading the Way: BBH Hosts LGBT Workplace Summit in Kraków

BBH Kraków Pride members hosted the third in a series of LGBT Symposia with organizations that included US Consulate General, IBM, Shell, HSBC, Cisco, LGBT Business Forum, Heineken, CapGemini, Akamai, ABB, Diversity Hub, and Stowarzyszenie Queerowy Maj. The symposium’s goal is to strengthen alliances with other companies and share strategies on how to build LGBT networks and employee resource groups in Kraków, Poland. As an early member of this consortium, BBH is leading the way alongside our corporate partners in sharing information, experiences and knowledge on how to ensure our workplaces remain welcoming and open to the LGBT community and allies.


Parent Panel

Partner Jeff Schoenfeld, Pride Network’s Executive Sponsor, led a conversation with three of his fellow BBH Partners, Carter Sullivan, Rick Berk, and Digger Donahue, along with their LGBT+ family members. Participants shared their perspectives on what it means to be a supportive parent or sibling to an LGBT+ individual.


Where Will We Go?

The Boston Pride Network hosted a  panel discussion about the LGBT+ community's aging crisis. A representative from Fenway Health led a discussion about the complexity of this issue and the efforts being made to address it. Attendees got a chance to learn about the culture, needs, and concerns of LGBT+ older adults.