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Global Employee Network

"I’ve had the opportunity to do business in 11 of our offices over the course of my career at BBH. Each new experience has positively impacted my professional and personal development. The Global Employee Network provides opportunities for people to share their wisdom and stories with other colleagues interested in learning more about the rich and diverse cultures of our people and the international opportunities the firm has to offer.”

– R.J. Rondini, Global Employee Network Chair

Once a casual network of BBH employees sharing global work experiences with one another, the Global Employee Network now includes members in nearly every office and organized chapters in BBH locations around the globe.  Through organized networking sessions, training and events simulcast across offices, the network focuses on three main pillars of activity:  celebration and exploration of the rich cultural diversity at BBH; managing the challenges that come with working on a global team; and supporting the needs of those working outside their home location.  Participation in events sponsored by the network are open to all BBH employees.

Signature Events

culture fair

Culture Fair Worldwide

Annual culture fairs are hosted in BBH's Boston, Dublin, Hong Kong, Kraków, and Jersey  City offices. Employees learn about resources such as community engagement and wellness programs, and can sign up for activities such as the 1818 Social Club and BANC affinity groups.


Embracing a Global Workforce

Global Employee Network Kraków hosted a lunch and learn panel that discussed how to embrace and collaborate in a global workforce. Each panelist shared personal experiences that have positively shaped their global mentality.