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Diverse Ability Allies Network

"Learning how to harness your abilities, whatever they may be, is key to professional and personal development. Diverse Ability Allies Network was created to connect BBHers with and without disabilities to celebrate our unique skills. We support the empowerment of people with disabilities through advocacy, technology, and organizational adaptations."

– Andrew Hofer, Diverse Ability Allies Network Executive Sponsor

The mission of the Diverse Ability Allies Network (DAAN) is to encourage and support every member of the Firm in achieving their full potential by demonstrating that BBH is a supportive and inclusive environment for employees who are disabled, or care for individuals with disabilities. By increasing awareness, collaboration, problem-solving, adaptation, innovation, and advocacy for community members with disabilities, we provide a more comfortable, inclusive, and understanding work environment for everyone.

Signature Events

Defining Dyslexia

Defining Dyslexia

DAAN and the Parenting Network hosted the International Dyslexia Association to learn about dyslexia, dispel any myths and discuss ways to support those with dyslexia. Attendees also had an opportunity to experience what it feels like to have dyslexia first-hand through simulation exercises.


Art of Blinders

This workshop gave employees the opportunity to experience the four “Sightless Principals of Communication” – distractions, ambiguity, obstacles, and competition. Through a discussion and team building activities, participants learned how to leverage sensory communication to become more effective communicators and listeners.


Dis-labeled: The Value of Different Abilities & Allyship

Co-hosted by the Black Affinity Network, diversability advocate Nancy Oduro led a discussion about the importance of creating a workplace where diversity awareness always includes ability. Attendees learned how to be strong allies who remove roadblocks for colleagues with diverse abilities.