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BBH Affinity Network Community (BANC)


“The greater our diversity and inclusion, the more we unlock human potential and the greater the prosperity of BBH.” Jeff Schoenfeld, Partner and Pride Network Executive Sponsor

The BBH Affinity Network Community (“BANC”) is a global community of employee-led networks founded by and for diverse professionals. These networks were created from the shared belief that we all benefit from a workplace where colleagues are comfortable being themselves. Employees with different backgrounds and interests come together to expand their knowledge, strengthen career skills and build new relationships through volunteer activities, networking sessions, and other events that promote global knowledge sharing and community building across the Firm.

BANC groups are instrumental in advancing the Firm’s diversity and inclusion strategy. We look to our BANC members as counsel on the challenges and opportunities facing our employees in the workplace. Outside the firm, BANC members actively build meaningful relationships within our communities through volunteer opportunities, formal partnerships with global and local organizations, and by partnering with community influencers to host local events. 

Asia Link Network Black Affinity Network Diverse_Abilities_Allies_Network
GlobalEmployeeNetwork Latino Cultural Network Military Veterans Network
Parenting Network Pride Network Women's Network
Young Professionals Network