Time Capsule

Our Bicentennial is a time to reflect on our history and plan for our future. While we embrace the opportunities evolution and change bring, we believe BBH will continue to thrive if it remains steadfast to the values that have sustained us for the last two centuries: Teamwork, Integrity, and Excellence.

Project 2068: BBH's Bicentennial Time Capsules
While celebrating our 200-year anniversary, we have delighted in uncovering countless treasures that exemplify BBH’s timeless commitment to our core values. The experience has been so special that it seems only fitting that we create something special for future BBHers: introducing Project 2068: BBH's Bicentennial Time Capsules.

Project 2068 is a globally collaborative effort to encapsulate items and sentiments that share our culture by those who know us best — our talented, diverse, and dedicated employees. Eighteen time capsules, one for each BBH office, will contain items that capture the essence of our Firm in the year 2018. The vessels will each contain common materials, including the BBH flag, a letter from the Partners, and a collective journal containing BBHers’ letters about their time at the Firm. Each office will also contribute items that represent that location’s people, business, and unique culture. Once filled, the time capsules will be sealed for 50 years, opened in 2068.

Our hope is that when opened by future BBHers in the year 2068, the memories, advice and spirit captured will serve as a reminder that although many things change over the years, BBH’s identity and core values stand the test of time.