Notable Quotable

BBH leaders on creating an enduring culture that survives and thrives through centuries of business evolution.

M Velez_Final

Maroa Velez

“Diverse perspectives lead to innovative ideas. Our Codefest ’hackathon‘  is one great example of BBH employees of all backgrounds coming together to synthesize their perspectives into new ideas and products. That kind of collaboration is what fuels meaningful innovation.”

JHanson_Final BW

John Hanson

"I think of myself as an extremely lucky person to end up in a firm like BBH. From the Partners to the employees that I knew so well in other areas- this is an amazing firm. It’s very fortunate to be someplace where you can spend your time with people you enjoy."

T Bodman_Final

Taylor Bodman

“Two hundred years in the banking industry is an eternity. It’s a dynamic and fragile environment, and a bank has to be built to adapt. This Bicentennial is a tremendous validation of our company’s approach.”

stokley towles_Final BW

Stokley Towles

"If one of us brought in a new relationship, everybody was pleased. We weren’t competing against each other, we were competing against the world. I’ve always thought that our organization is a family, and everyone else is the competition. They are the ones we’re trying to beat.
I’m a believer that if you’re not, as an organization entrepreneurial, you’re just not going to be around. You’ve got to be constantly thinking about change, reinventing yourself, and moving forward."

Kathryn George
Kathryn George
"How we approach client service matters. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled service – and always putting our clients’ best interests first – provides our clients and their families with a stable, trustworthy partner for generations as they strive to achieve their personal, family, and financial objectives."

Walter Brown_Final BW

Walter H. Brown

"We’ve got absolutely top-grade people; otherwise we wouldn’t be doing as well as we’re doing. It’s all based on customer relationships- doing the finest, safest job we can for our clients. That focus has not changed."

D Donahue_Final (1)

Digger Donahue

“Ultimately, the way forward for BBH is the same disciplined, responsive, adaptive approach that has helped it thrive for nearly two centuries. No company I know of has a stronger sense of self, purpose, culture and mission. It’s our responsibility as stewards of this franchise to take what’s been given to us and make sure it continues to evolve for the next 200 years."


Michael McConnell

“Brown Brothers Harriman is still around because throughout history, our people have seen change occurring and have adapted. The work, ideas and dedication of thousands of BBHers have kept the Firm going for 200 years."

William B. Tyree
"Our goal, now and since our founding, is simply to be the most trusted, valued and differentiated partner for each of our clients. When we deliver on this, our clients succeed and so do we."