The culture, spirit, and ambition of the modern BBH would be instantly recognizable to our founder, Alexander Brown. At the heart of the firm is our partnership structure, which has enabled us to change and adapt without losing the essence of who we are. We are proud to celebrate our bicentennial in 2018 and look forward to what lies ahead.

What set Brown Brothers apart from other nineteenth century merchant banks was a unique set of attributes that continue to shape our business to this day.

Over time, advancements in financial regulation, global capital markets, and technology have radically reshaped the banking landscape—and BBH’s increasingly unique position within it. The partners have welcomed these changes by exploring the natural advantages of being a relatively small, selective, nimble financial firm surrounded by big corporate banks.

As a private partnership, our business is personal, built on the enduring values of teamwork, integrity, and excellence. It also depends on deep relationships built over time with clients and with each other.